Player: jam730
Race: Kobold
Class: trapper trophy hunter 6
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: standing at a height of 2'3, the scrawny looking kobold of blue color hues stands rather quiet and timid with the doe like eyes on his face and the astounishing look of scaled hue of blue on him that seem reminiscent to blue scale kobolds back in dragon loths domain. His apparel consists of that being a simplistic leather garb wrapping around his shoulders and the affirmentioned leggings of khaki on his lower side. His waistline adorns with the noteworthy gunbelt on his hips and the back of his body having the strappings of a rusty looking small sized rifle on his back held to him by a body strap attacked to it from top to bottom.

Personality: Quite shy but straight forward, he tries to imput his opinion when needed. His opinion on roctrap firearms is rather prideful to a minor degree and to a point in which he doesn't seem to really validate other manufacturers other than roctrap inc. What also appears to be noticeable about him is his lack of awareness to others personal feelings rather than his own or roc's own.

Background: It was during the growth of the roctrap industries 4 years prior to the post-time skip in general at his 6th year of birth when he went to join forth in the hopes of being a great renown kobold someday. He heard many tales of roc and his famous adventures and wanted to be one of the ones who had a chance of working for him during the age of growth his industry had been going under. Those back at dragon Loth's den were still adjusting to the way the world was growing outside as Shak took quite an interest in the kobold craft firearms that were waiting to be made back then and there in no time at all. What he didn't realize, however, was that the years after that went on would be quite a hard to stomach thing, as he watched such firearms going forth into the rokugani war that went on just to try and settle a dispute.

Shak took on a few simple moving jobs from below to work himself up from the lesser ranks at the time with learning how firearms were put to work and put to use back then and there. It didn't help his esteem much when he took word to hearing that the firearms they were making were ending up being put to purposes that would otherwise be seen as unsavory and a tarnishing reputation to the roctrap brand name that would often put him off work and into a fit of annoyance over it. Elsewise, there was a time he ran himself on into what appeared to be some old rifles that were being tossed out at the time a few years later in the current post-time skip era that look quite rusted over. He came across one of the spare rifles that were available which looked like it was well crafted, hand made, and effectively built to probably still be useable if given the right tender care.

There was a bit of a surprise at the time when he went along going up to one of the upper floors just to see if he can be able to make due to handle one of the upper forgeries so he can repair the rifle into fittable condition for use. However, he didn't realize he was ending up walking past the ajar door of Roc's office when he heard some things being sorted out from within that were being put away. Surely he wouldn't be silly enough to try and peek in on the great Roc while he was busy trying to clean up one of his own messes at the time of day would he? Sadly, we find Shak ending up staring off into the room trying to remain silent, only to be spotted by Roc in question as he ends up finding himself in this rather peculiar conversation.

Membership: Roctrap Incorporated - Lower management ((Go-fer))
Blue Kobolds - Born member.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 1-17-2013 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 1-17-2013 0
3 The Other Guys 1-23-2013 1200 50 Shak had started his journey to redeeming firearms by helping a tavern lady who 'kindly' asked him to clean up her rat problem. Apparently the rat problem was a WEEEEEEEEEEE bit more troublesome than he thought so he instead went to handle the more convenient method of work via a request from another kindly person offering use of his services with others.
4 Ra du and Da Cheaters 2-14-2013 720
5 Kobold Den Infestation (Pt.1) 2-25-2012 400 31 gp, 2 sp, 5 cp Shak felt begrudged in the thought of hunting his own kinsmen in doing what he was suppose to do. But this wasn't about pitty or remorse for his actions as it was for the sake of duity in getting his employers reputation cleared for the use of those firearms by rogue kobolds. Even as he fired upon his own kind, he felt heartache grow in his chest every blast.
6 Kobold Den Infestation (Pt.2) 2-25-2012 2200 1331 500 gp in raw materials for craft Shak had to lead the entire party through the den in and of itself in trying to find the other people of the tribe that was within. However, further along in, he realized just how willing they were to hold a stronghold in question to fully take on the possibilities of finding the stolen rifles in question. Not only was using bombs to threaten the entire tribe a stupid idea, it had also been brilliant at the same time when it came to getting information out of his species thinking the same way they do. But in the end, he had ended up feeling like a traitor to his own kind for acting in such distaste.
7 downtime 2-28-2013 -55 gp gunsmiths kit(bought), +8 black powder bombs (Crafted) (size small)
8 More Kobolds part 1 2-28-2013 1500 100 gp Masterwork Crossbow (small) Shak had taken time to give himself ideas on how the next den was going to be handled otherwise. From there, it was also a matter of having the right plan as he handled himself with poise and expertise in doing so. While the party was out in front handling the situation with distracting their attention, he went to the back with Quey to handle blocking their exit off next to prevent escape. After a good bombing of the cavern, he then went to make the back entrance smoked and ember in furthering the illusion of a fire started cave in.
9 More Kobolds Part 2 3-6-2013 1600 Shak had ended up in yet another hefty predicament noticing how the traps were becoming all the more intricate and designed with the party in mind. If anything, the trap designing was getting more and more expensive to him when thinking about the rifles that would have been taken. But was this really all about the rifles? Or was it really all about getting back at the clan that did the dirty deed to begin with? With tailing the escaping kobolds that were trail blazing their way through, shak would end up finding out that very discovery.
10 Shak's endeavor 3-6-2013 500 100 2 flares, 3 acids, 2 alchemist fires, 2 tangleroots
11 Negotiations 3-10-2013 300 Shak had taken it upon himself to try and see who was trying to contact him on the get go. However, his negotiations went sour even when he took into understanding kilithik only supplied the clan that stole the guns. Either way, he had taken it upon himself to coax the kobold teacher along in further management of intimidation before heading on out leaving his kobold apprentice to limp back to his master.
12 Downtime 3-17-2013 -531 gp masterwork thieves tools, masterwork artisan tools, Rifle (small, self made), 50 ammo (Self made), 1 ammo belt (Rifle shots), Revolver. 100 revolver ammo, 2 ammo belts, quickload cylinder, quickload cartridge, Blunderbuss, 6 lbs of black powder bags, alchemist fires x2, acid flasks x2, x6 small black powder bombs, eggshell bomb (dust) x3, eggshell bomb (pepper) x2, Liquid Smoke x1
13 Less Kobolds! 3-17-2013 1967 750 Scraps for crafting Shak had managed to take up some allies in the excavation of another den that was in wait just for him to test himself at. The traps had been in use before when employing the well known spider trap as well as pressure plates that were more intricately mechanical in question. Though with the party's help, it was apparent that a kobold named Zakidin was told by Kilithik to handle testing shak trap. Little was it known that shak would have employed help rather than do it alone. The least he could do was letting Zakidin go for the sake of Kilithik.
14 Downtime 3-20-2013 -31 gp 6 blackpowder bombs (small), 10 insect bane candles.
15 Primary kobold den location part 1 3-20-2013 2300
16 Primary kobold den location part 2 3-26-2013 800
17 Kobold Aftermath 3-27-2013 250
18 a double-edged Deal Part 5 5-25-2013 750
19 Kobolds Again? 8-29-2013 300 Shak was informed of another shipment of his things and another visit from Kilihiks own apprentice for revenge in testing him. First attempt through was disastrous while his next would be much more troublesome in mind.
20 Kobold Dungeon: Attempt 2 10-06-2013 5000 His second attempt was with a much more capable and diverse crowd of adventurers in mind. However a lack of a healer was the issue in that timespan as they were all deviated with happenstances that got in the way.
21 A gift from Father 11/14/2013 2400 +1 Rifle S, +2 Belt of Dexterity, +2 Headband of Wisdom, Handy Haversack S, +1 Cloak of Resistance Roc gifting Shak with proper gear for future endeavors.
Total 18707 4345.75
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