The Shadowtouched are creatures who, as one might have guessed, been touched by the Plane of Shadow.

Cultural Aspects:

The following cultural attributes are common to most shadowtouched races.


Shadowtouched creatures found in the material plane are survivors of a world with a deadly sun and a populace that usually misunderstands them. This usually makes these creatures wary of others around them, though (usually) being forced to handle this often gives these creatures a mild edge; since other creatures often fear them for their affinity to darkness, they often capitalize on this by taking advantage of others' fears. Usually, a threat and the manipulation of their own shadows is enough to frighten less courageous opponents, and their natural darkvsion allows them to flee and hide with better skill. As they are always hiding from the sun, Shadowtouched creatures generally know the best places to stay out of sight, making them excellent scouts, assassins and ninjas.

Being feared has the effect of forcing isolation on a creature (usually), and as such these creatures' social skills often suffer as a result. Simple social customs are either unknown to them or simply ignored, and many of them see themselves as simply superior (despite their weakness to light), or something to be feared regardless of the judgements of those around them.

Physical Description:

Those who live in the dark are typically less brawny than others of their kin for reasons unknown—though it's suspected that the light of this plane (even when blocked) serves to weaken a Shadowtouched creatures physical strength. However, being partially infused with shadow has the effect of producing lighter, faster individuals with a natural grace and speed.

In the light a shadowtouched creature's features brighten in color, draining their energy and eventually their lives when facing prolonged bright light exposure. However, in the darkness the color in their features drain to more closely resemble the natural denizens of the Plane of Shadow; their eyes and hair become closer to either black, white or grey, and their skin is often much darker than normal, which proves advantageous when hiding and infiltrating. In addition, their hair grows wilder, and they are often more fluid in their movement which can make them seem more threatening to some.

To combat the weakness to bright light, Shadowtouched creatures are often seen covered head to toe in clothing… though this, too, can make them seem more threatening to others.


Shadowtouched are often wary of their peers, not expecting their relationships to last once they are found to be "demons" or "shades", making them more naturally solitary. Indeed, many of them prefer to live alone or only with creatures who naturally thrive in the dark as well, such as the drow. As one might expect, beings of shadow are usually nocturnal and perform better in social situations when in such conditions, perhaps because the awkward habit of being fully covered isn't quite as necessary.


Shadowtouched races generally prefer neutral alignments, despite being perceived as evil or chaotic.


Though the Shadowtouched may show up anywhere (since the shadow plane coterminates the material plane) they are often drawn to places underground and shadowed areas where little light persists. They otherwise have no preference of region differing from their base race.


The gods of shadow, neutrality, and stealth (and often, the Shadow Plane itself) often rank as highly in the pantheons of shadowtouched races as do the deities of their ancestral race.


Shadowtouched races make for good rogues, ninjas, monks and swordsages due to their higher finesse and intuition. Their distrust of others can be useful to an adventuring party as they may resist charms and illusions with greater success, as well as spot the dishonesty of others. Their sight is also infamously keen, and their advantage over others in the darkness (whether for stealth or combat) is obvious.

Racial Traits:

Shadowtouched races have the following traits in addition to their base traits:

Ability Adjustments:

A dark one retains all his ancestral race's ability adjustments. In addition, he gains +4 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution, and -4 Charisma.


Those of the dark gain a +2 racial bonus on all Stealth and Intimidate checks because they are often forced to hide from the sun and those who perceive all shadowtouched as evil. Because they are often isolated, they take a -2 penalty to Diplomacy and Handle Animal as they arent as adept at communication as their base race

Extraordinary Abilities:

Dark Shadow (Ex): The shadowtouched creature's shadow appears as a grotesque version of the creature itself and occasionally will act and do minor movements that the base creature did not perform. By taking a swift action, the shadowtouched creature may direct the actions of their shadow directly.

Level Adjustment:


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