Shadowlord Elves and Half-Elves

Long ago an ancient elven cult worshiped the Great Shadow Dragon named Morcelieb. In return he granted them great power. The peace between the Shadowlord elves and the shadow dragons following Morcelieb extend to this day, long after the cult members died.
Any descendant of a shadowlord elf or half elf can also be a shadowlord. However this is very rare and unpredictable.
A Shadowlord elf is distinguishable from other elves by his dark, shadowy hair and red tinged eyes. On occasion it has been known that some have had brown or white hair.

Racial Traits:

  • Ability modifiers: +2 Dex, +2 Int, *2 Con.
  • Dragonblood Subtype
  • Shadow Walk: A shadowlord elf or half-elf can transport herself/himself between shadows. Once per day, as a move action, a shadowlord elf can enter a shadow and transport to another shadow within 60ft. The shadowlord elf appears in the same square or an adjacent square to the second shadow. When a shadowlord elf reaches 5HD, and every 5HD thereafter, she/he gains one more use of this ability.
  • Stealth is a class skill for all shadowlord elves and half-elves
  • No bonus against enchantment spells and effects
  • Shadowlord elves do not have proficiency with longsword, longbow, rapier or shortbow.
  • Shadowlord half-elves gain no bonus to Gather Information or diplomacy
  • Shadowlord pact: Any shadowlord elf who attacks or attempts to harm a shadow dragon loses his/her shadow walk ability for 24 hours. During that time the shadowlord elf takes a -1 on attack rolls, caster level or manifester level checks, and saving throws

Favored class: Warlock. A multiclassed forestlord elf/half*elf's warlock class does not count when determining XP penalties. This class replaces the standard elf's favored class, Wizard.

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