Shadow Tempests

An elite military formation of the The Principality Of Zarthia in the times of of its peek of power (basically till the latter part of the Bloodstained Age). The group was composed of psionically-versed warriors trained in the act of infiltration, sabotage and assassination.



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, solo-scouting) 03-07-2013 Mentioned in the journal found by Charlinia Coaldragon.
2 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part1) 08/03/2013 After failed try at parleying the tempests decided to get rid of the party, along with the Seed of Retribution of course.
3 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part2) 08/05/2013 At times 'aided' at times impaired the party in the confusingly chaotic encounter… still, their goal (that being the utter destruction of the The Seed) collided quite a bit with that of Raital's and Swirling Shadows'
4 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part3) 08/07/2013 The detachment proved to be a very elusive foe… till the aura of terror of Swirling Shadows's affected the majority of their force forcing the two remaining ones to likewise retreat.
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