Shadow Of The Library Chatlog

DMSoft: *you find yourselves in the water dragon inn*
Altharid: well not exactly
Karma : Done
DMSoft: "I can't believe the Jets are gone"-griswol, the bartender
No Name: Draknu
Rydia: (is water dragon inn the inn al works at?)
Altharid: *yup)
DMSoft: (yes)
Bor: "Jets? I heard there was a reward for them"
DMSoft: "Yeah, it was claimed"-griswol
Rydia: (cool)
Bor: "It's a shame I didnt get the reward…"
** Ichai smirks slightly.
Altharid: *snickers*
Karma entering the tavern gazing around at the patrons.
Baltasar: (( err, wrong nick ))
DMSoft: "I heard a the Kismet is in town"-wedge
Bor: "Who?"
Rydia leaves her room and heads to the common area to get some food.
Pheonix (enter): 16:08
DMSoft: "The Kismet, you know, the gnomish airship"-Biggs
Bor: "How can such heavy things fly?"
Karma taking a seat in the common area with a pet cat on her shoulder, stroking it.
Pheonix (exit): 16:09
Altharid: (Karma you feel clearly an unnatural aura from one cloacked figure… its unsetling)
Altharid: (cloaked)
DMSoft: "I have no idea, but I suspect magic."-wedge
Baltasar: "Hmph. Why anyone would be crazy enough to get on a device of gnomish engineering…"
Karma keeps rather calm and quiet about the figure in question, paying no mind.
DMSoft: "I have really good milk for that cat."-Griswol to Karma
Bor: "How does it feel to fly in it?"
Karma looking at Griswol quietly. "Oh hello. Thank you for the offer."
DMSoft: [1d8] => [3] = (3)
DMSoft: "I haven't flown in it."-wedge and biggs
DMSoft: *the two speak in unison…it's weird
Altharid whispers to Baltasar "Have you seen Mali lately… ?I'm in… dire need of some specific knowledge"
Rydia trys to find Al to thank him for the room
DMSoft: "i've also heard that since the Jets gang has been dissolved, there's been hardly any work"-biggs
Karma : "…did you say gang?"
Baltasar shrugs in response.
Altharid: (Altharid is easily spottable among the tavern patrons)
Bor: (to Altharid and Baltasar) "Want to go see that airship? It's not like we have anything else to do"
DMSoft: *griswol brings free milk for karma's cat*
Rydia walks to Al, "Thanks for the room. Whats this gang people are talking about?"
Baltasar: "Already seen it. And if you mean 'get close to it', then no."
Karma 's feline compatriot hopping down from her shoulder to her lap, licking the milk up gingerly.
Altharid: "Well… green one…how should I say it…"
Bor: "They've been captured already, it's no use…"
Baltasar: "I'm not stupid enough to get within its potential blast radius."
DMSoft: "Maybe Gin has some work for you."-griswol comes over to the main table
Altharid: "Lets just say that some people taught them a lesson… but it apparently was not enough"
Bor: "Sounds like a plan! But only the three of us?"
Karma picking her pet up in arms with the milk and following Griswol.
Baltasar: "And they didn't really get captured."
Baltasar: "Captured implies they survived."
Bor: "You only make me want more to have been there"
Karma : ((dmsoft, your whisper tabs don't work?))
DMSoft: "I wouldn't go near that airship…unless I had wings."-griswol
Rydia: "Al, can you introduce me to your friends?"
Baltasar: *to Altharid* "What was it you needed to talk to Miss Ohba regarding?"
Bor: "Hey pretty woman"
Bor: "I'm Bor!"
Baltasar: "In more ways than one."
Altharid: "Well … I need to seal someone in a suitable vessel"
Karma smiling calmly to bor before sitting herself down. Her cat perching on the table brushing its fur. "Hello. My name is Cooper. Karma Cooper."
Altharid: "And green one… this is Baltasar - my employer… Bor - that strong male"
Bor: "So, you two are adventurers aswell?"
DMSoft: "I'm Biggs"-Biggs, "i'm wedge"-wedge
Baltasar: "Ask Bor, he's friends with her."
DMSoft: "we were just leaving."-biggs and wedge get up and leave
Altharid: "I do not know the rest - besides of my other employer that is"
Bor: "Cya folks, thanks for telling about the airship"
Rydia: "I'm Rydia"
DMSoft: (knowledge local if you are looking for mali)
Altharid: [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
Altharid: (heh)
Bor: "So, are you two adventurers aswell?"
DMSoft: (she's probably at the silver cranes headquarters)
DMSoft: (that's in the business district, where Gin usually is too)
Altharid: (ok)
Karma smiling at the two. "nice ot meet you…" Looking at Bor. "Actually I live around Dragonport…"
Karma : "you might say I grew up here."
Bor: "At last, women who know their places! Only men should adventure!"
Altharid laughts slightly
Baltasar: (( i c wut u did thar ))
Karma : "Sounds more like my brother to me. Always hopping roofs and spying on people for fun."
DMSoft: (you guys can continue talking or move somewhere)
Rydia: *to bor* "Im sort of an adventurer…a new one….my adopted father sent me away to 'find out more about the world'…i think he just didnt want me around"
Karma : "Honestly he sometimes can't keep his feet on the ground long enough."
Bor: "Is your brother strong, Karma?"
Karma : "he's agile I'll say that."
DMSoft: *you hear a crash at the door*
DMSoft: "what was that?"-griswol
Karma pauses when she looks to the door crash
Bor: *turns to the door*
Altharid shifts his attention to the door
DMSoft: *griswol goes to the door*
Rydia turns to the door
DMSoft: *griswol opens the door*
Baltasar unslings his crossbow and subtley loads it under the table
Bor: *goes outside the Inn*
Bor: *takes off spiked chain*
Altharid equips his guisarme
DMSoft: *you see an owl with a package on it's neck*
Draknu: Disconnecting from server…
No Name (exit): 16:21
(26157) Laertes Ursus (enter): 16:21
Rydia prepares to summon Draco
Karma just picking her cat up in the crutch of her arm and following.
Baltasar: "I love this town. Always something new."
DMSoft: (rydia, that take a whole minute)
DMSoft: (lol)
Karma : "Oh…A messenger owl…"
DMSoft: *the owl seems stunned*
Bor: *ries to talk with the owl*
Baltasar: "You think you're being attacked, it's actually a stupid bird."
DMSoft: knowledge local karma
Bor: (tries*)
Rydia: (lol thats right thanks for reminding me)
Baltasar puts his weapon away.
Rydia rushes out, abandoning the summoning prep
Altharid stands guard near his employer
Karma : [1d20+9] => [7,9] = (16) knowledge local
Bor: "What's with this stupid bird?"
Altharid: (he's paranoid about druids/animals and such)
DMSoft: *karma knows that owls messangers are the new fad*
(26157) Laertes Ursus (exit): 16:23
Baltasar: (( who isn't? ))
Karma : "Oh hush now…"
DMSoft: knowledge nature everyone
Altharid: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
Karma picking the owl up picking up the package. "Owls are a messenger system here."
Baltasar: know:nature [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
Rydia: Nature [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10)
Bor: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
Karma : "meaning someone took quite the interest in your endeavors to send a package."
Bor: (I do have the skill)
DMSoft: (all 10 and above know owls are not pigeons and suck at this)
Baltasar: (( my knowledge of nature extends only to the knowledge that nature burns pretty well ))
DMSoft: *the owl tries to fly away*
Altharid: *grabs it with an iron grip*
Bor: (is the message still on her?)
Altharid: (if it did not leave message)
DMSoft: (it's a package about 3x3"
Rydia: "Aww, why use owls. They dont make good messengers. Is it alright?"
Baltasar: (( nah, karma took the package ))
Altharid: (ok so ignore that action)
DMSoft: (karma you have the package)
Bor: "What is it?"
DMSoft: *the owl flew away*
Karma : (yeah)
DMSoft: *it's a wrapped package 3'x3'
Karma bringing the package on in as she places it on the main table, then opening it up as her cat seemed let down it couldn't eat the owl.
DMSoft: *you find a tart*
DMSoft: *it is slightly smashed*
Karma : "careful..could be poisoned."
Bor: "Anyways, how about the 5 of us go see Gin?"
Baltasar raises an incredulous eyerbow at this.
Bor: (What's a tart?)
Altharid: "By the way Baltasar… there's something amiss about that time traveler"
Baltasar: (( it's a type of pastry, like a tiny pie ))
DMSoft: (a struddel)
DMSoft: (a pastery)
DMSoft: (food)
Bor: (Ok, thanks)
Baltasar glances at Altharid, "Oh?"
DMSoft: *the tart smells good, there is no note*
Bor: "Mind if I eat that?"
Altharid: "You see I had a dream… in which I have not met the one who hungers"
DMSoft: "Well, somebody is gonna be sad they didn't get their tart"-griswol
Bor: "It is me"
DMSoft: "These stupid owls. Ever since that book series came out."-griswol
Rydia: "Any name on the package?"
DMSoft: "it's always owls."
DMSoft: (no name on the package)
Bor: "Stupid books"
Karma : "Oh hush it's a very common system."
Baltasar listens patiently.
Bor: "But seriously, can I eat it?"
Baltasar: "Eat half of it and wait 3 minutes."
Baltasar: "If you die, then yes, you may eat the rest."
DMSoft: "I don't think you will find it's owner, might as well."-griswol
Baltasar: "If you don't die, the package was mine."
Bor: "That's okay with your dream, Altharid?"
Rydia: "Seems harmless enough, someone probably wanted to send it to family"
DMSoft: (you can continue pondering the tart)
Baltasar: (( bor, alth was talking quietly to Balt, explaining something relevant to our last adventure ))
Baltasar: "Oh screw it, gimme a piece."
Baltasar breaks of a piece of crust and pops it in his mouth.
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DMsoft (exit): 16:30
Bor: *grabs a piece and gulps it down*
Baltasar: *off
DMSoft: *it tastes good*
DMSoft: (fort save for anyone who ate it.)
Bor: "It tastes bad, let me eat it for you"
Rydia: (lol bor)
Bor: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
Baltasar: fort save: [1d20+2
Baltasar: fort save: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
DMSoft: (you feel as tho the dm is messing with you)
Baltasar: (( damnit, you made me waste a nat 20 ))
DMSoft: *so, plans?
Baltasar waits a few moments, before taking half of the rest of the tart.
DMSoft: (the package it was in is nice and may hold value)
Baltasar: "Good stuff."
Bor: "*munch* so how about we see that *munch* Gin Longfoot?"
Baltasar turns back to Altharid, "You were saying?"
Baltasar appraises the package. [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22)
Baltasar: (( how much value? ))
DMSoft: (1 gp value)
Baltasar: (( you are a goddamn tease, you know that? ))
Rydia: "Al. Know of any work? I would like to learn more….and maybe learn to defend myself should draco fall"
Bor: "Is that Draco strong?"
Altharid (enter): 16:33
Rydia: "Yes, he is"
DMSoft: "Gin longfoot does that girl"-griswol
Bor: "I want to fight him then"
Baltasar: "Man, what is with your strength obession?"
Altharid: (lost internet connection for a while)
Altharid: (what did I miss?)
Baltasar: "You're like a fetishist or something."
Bor: *turns to Griswol* "What?"
Baltasar: (( not much, me and bor ate the tart, then talked a bit ))
Rydia: "I wont let him fight unless there is need"
Baltasar: (( you hadn't finished describing the dream ))
Bor: "True men fight"
Karma : "…Hmm…"
Altharid whispers while doing so
DMSoft: (you realize you had the same dream)
Altharid: (decribes only to Baltasar btw)
Karma : "I suppose we can split up and gather information on who, or what, wiped them out."
Rydia: "He's not a man….he's a dragon"
Karma : "The jets that is."
DMSoft: "Gin Longfoot handles the odd jobs. You young folk should probably see him"-griswol
Baltasar replies quietly, "That is very strange, as I had a similar one. Only mine ended differently."
Bor: "Yeah, I'm telling them"
DMSoft: "The jets were wiped out by heroes unknown."-griswol
Baltasar: (( DM, could balt tell that the dream was actually a vision? ))
Altharid "See I knew that something was amiss" - answers
Bor: "Let's go see Gin, he had us find some demons and then kill a necrodruid for him"
Bor: "Good stuff"
DMSoft: (you could both tell that)
Baltasar: (( cause he doesn't naturally dream ))
Baltasar: (( kk ))
Baltasar: "If I had to guess, I'd say the second half of mine was sent by a different party than the first."
Bor: *motions to follow and goes to the (merchant?) district*
Altharid: "The druid is dead…Bor"
DMSoft: (so you can go to town, kismet or Gin)
Baltasar: "And I recognized the location in the second half, it was that floating library."
Rydia: "Why would you want to fight Draco? He hasnt done anyting to you"
Bor: (Gin)
Altharid: (ignore my last message)
DMSoft: (the party wanders to the business district)
Bor: "Cause that's what men do. I'm a man, so I fight"
Baltasar stands and follows Bor, still contemplating the dreams.
Altharid: "We should visit that location then … employer - answers to Batl"
Bor: "Hey Gin"
DMSoft: (there's a kid shouting out a job…just one)
Altharid: "Later of course"
DMSoft: "Hello, you guys want a job?"-gin
Bor: *goes to the kid*
Bor: *to others* "you do the talking, I do the ass kicking"
Altharid: "I prefer to call the latter 'obliterating'"
Bor: "Obli-what?"
DMSoft: "Job here, I got a job"-gin continues shouting at anyone
Rydia follows to the business district "Draco is a Dragon, not a man. And I only let him fight when theres a reason. Besides I have to summon him"
Altharid: "The same thing basically"
Altharid: "But I just like that word"
Karma smiling as she took a walk over to Gin.
DMSoft: "Who is strong enough to save the Owlery?"-Gin shouts
Altharid: "Its… like almost etched deep inside my core"
Bor: "So can you do the talking or you kick ass only Altharid?"
Baltasar mutters, "Goddamn birds."
Altharid: "The second part"
DMSoft: "I gotta job here. Job here"-gin
Baltasar: "Altharid, did you want to talk to Mali, we're near the Cranes' house."
DMSoft: "Job pays well….1000's of golds!"-gin
DMSoft: (you are near the cranes)
Rydia: "What kind of job?"
Altharid: "Will do so Baltasar… after we'll get the job"
Bor: "Someone's doing the talking, at last!"
DMSoft: "Well, you'll have to talk to Sally Worth. It's an owlery job"-gin
Karma : "Hmm…I'm not an Owls person myself but the pay sounds like something worth taking up at least."
Rydia: "Where is Sally Worth?"
Baltasar: "It involves birds. The only thing birds are good for is eating."
DMSoft: *gin gives you directions*
Bor: "Yeah Baltasar, that's right"
Bor: *brofists*
Rydia writes the direction down "I think I'll help…I dont speak for anyone else though"
Altharid: "They do indeed make some fine ingredients for various dishes"
Bor: "Hit my fist with your fist, Baltasar"
DMSoft: "it's the only job I have….unless you want to beat some thugs or something?"-gin
Altharid: "Just try not to maul him Bor"
Baltasar stares dubiously at Bor's hand.
DMSoft: "but that doesn't pay anything"-gin
Baltasar: "Somehow, I think I'll pass on that."
Bor: "We'll do it Rydia, don't worry"
Baltasar: "But thanks."
Altharid: *brofists with Bor*
DMSoft: *gin continues advertising his job down the street*
Bor disappointed, says "Ok…"
DMSoft: (you are in front of the silver cranes)
Bor: *brofists* "yeah!"
Baltasar: "Does anyone even know where this Worth woman is?"
Altharid knocks on the door
Bor: "Let's do some wrestling Altharid"
Rydia walks to the cranes "I'd like to check on Mali first"
DMSoft: (rydia got directions)
Baltasar mutters again, "Friggin' owls."
Altharid: "After I get some relevant info from Mali"
DMSoft: *the door to the cranes is open
Baltasar ducks under the lintel, entering the front room.
Altharid follows the rest
(26143) Doomy (exit): 16:45
DMSoft: *you see Goody sweeping the floor
Bor: *goes in and looks around*
DMSoft: *Mali is painting a picture in one of the rooms*
Bor: "Nice to see you, Mali! So this is the guildhouse… Do we really get more jobs from it?"
DMSoft: "Well, Gin came in and told us to do some owl thing."
Rydia walks into the front room "Mali, good to see you better"
DMSoft: "I said no"-mali
Altharid: "Greetings … girl"
DMSoft: "Hello squid guy."-mali
Altharid facepalms
DMSoft: "Rydia, are you going to do the owl thing?"-mali
Bor: "Nothin' better to do"
Rydia: "I might, but not alone"
Altharid: "Would you be so kind to do me some favor Mali ?"
DMSoft: "Oh, they're gonna help you?"-Mali
DMSoft: "Bor, you should join up."-mali
Bor: "That's what we do"
Rydia: "Maybe, ask them"
DMSoft: "You know, you are dragging dirt in here!"-goody
Bor: "Ok, so now I'm a part of it?"
Altharid: "I can provide various… services in exchange"
DMSoft: "What's the favor?"-mali
Altharid: "I seem to recall that you were one of those "Knowledge Busters" or somethin along these lines"
DMSoft: "Yes I am."-mali
DMSoft: "do you need some knowledge?"-mali
Altharid: "Therefore you should have some decent chances of having access to some very obscure knowledge"
Altharid: "Yes indeed that would be handy"
DMSoft: "let me see, what do you want to know?"-mali
Baltasar mutters to Rydia, "Yeah, I'll take 3lbs of knowledge, and can you throw in some self-awareness too?"
Bor: "Oh Mali, I want some information too! I got beat up the other day by some plants"
Baltasar: (( bor, do remember that Mali attended that session ))
Altharid: "I need to seal someone… who resides in an unusual place"
DMSoft: "Wasn't I there?"-Mali
Rydia giggles at balt's comment
Bor: "I want to get bigger and stronger to beat more things!"
DMSoft: "Seal someone? Like a demon?"-Mali
Karma : "I rather just be out of the way of fighting."
Bor: "How do I do that?"
Altharid: "Not exactly"
Altharid: "The entity in question… resides in my mind"
Rydia: "Bor, fighting isnt everything"
DMSoft: "Do you know their name?"-Mali
Bor: "Yeah right"
Altharid: "He calls himself 'The Whisperer'"
Bor: "There's also drinking and partying"
Baltasar makes himself comfortable on the sofa, picking up the puzzle box and examining it.
Altharid: "And he is indeed found of … whispering…"
Altharid: "Quite knowledgable being I guess"
DMSoft: "well, I don't know any whisperer."-mali
Altharid: "However he's becoming a nuisance"
DMSoft: "what kind of creature is he?"-mali
Altharid: "However I'm quite positive that his nature is entirely… psionic"
Altharid: "He imparted some of that knowledge in my memories"
Baltasar solves the puzzle box in less than a minute (disable device: [1d20+14] => [16,14] = (30)), replacing it on the table.
Altharid: "But that was not enough"
DMSoft: "he sounds dangerous."-mali
Altharid: "He's almost harmless"
DMSoft: "perhaps you should try to avoid him?"-mali
Altharid: "The other one is hostile"
Baltasar: "It's that 'almost' that is catching my attention."
Baltasar: "What has he told you?"
Rydia staps out "i'll be back, need to summon draco."
DMSoft: "So, he's a whisperer, and he's psionic"-mali
Bor: *wonders how bad he wants to see Draco*
Altharid: "Some information about the way my psionic circuits are functioning"
Baltasar: "And do you trust this information?"
Bor: *decides talking to Mali comes first*
Altharid: "I have created these glowing beings last time"
Altharid: "… thats the proof that his advices are legit"
Rydia performs her ritual out in the lobby then returns with a medium sized violet dragon
DMSoft: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24) knowledge obscure and vague
DMSoft: ooh, just short
Baltasar: "You mean, at least some of it is."
DMSoft: *you see mali thinking*
DMSoft: "I have no idea who this could be"-mali
Baltasar: "So… research?"
DMSoft: "you could try to help me think about this."-mali(aid another)
Altharid: "Yes… I would like to gain access to some more… obscure parts of the Floating Library"
DMSoft: (int check for that)
Altharid: Skills: Knowledge (psionics) [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
Bor: "I'm not good at thinking but… sure" [1d20-1] => [7,-1] = (6)
DMSoft: "Oh, you mean like disembodied things."-Mali
Altharid: "Yes"
DMSoft: "Things made of matter. Like salt."-Mali
DMSoft: "Hmm, and you have one of these?"-Mali
Altharid: "Salt ?"
Bor: (brb, bathroom. I want to talk to Mali once this conversation is done)
DMSoft: "Well, crystal matter. Salt is a crystal"-Mali
Altharid: "He is certainly without a body"
Altharid: "Crystal you say ?"
Altharid: (brb nat)
DMSoft: "yeah, maybe you could capture him or something."-Mali
Draco (Eidolon) curls up at Rydia's feet once they return to Malis room
DMSoft: *Gin walks into the hall*
Altharid: (I'm back)
Rydia: (wb al)
Baltasar: (( is gin a child or a halfling? ))
Baltasar: (( or a halfling child? ))
DMSoft: "You guys should do this job. I need money…I mean you need the money"-gin
Bor: (back)
DMSoft: (halfing child I believe)
Altharid: "Capture him in a crystal you say… thats certainly… possible now that I think about it"
Rydia: (sense motive on gin [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) )
DMSoft: "there's crystals underneath the library base"-Mali
Bor: "So Mali, how do I join? Do I need to sign stupid papers?"
(26175) John (enter): 17:01
Baltasar: "Well, we should test that on something simple first. Like a certain annoying halfling."
DMSoft: "We need to vote you in Bor."-Mali
Karma will just take her time heading to the owlry
Baltasar glances pointedly at Gin.
Bor: "Hey, Gin is a good fellow, he gives us jobs!"
DMSoft: "I'm doing my job is all."-gin
Baltasar: "No, he advertises jobs. He's just a middleman."
Rydia: "i'll help, if the others will."
Bor: "Ok, tell me when you're done then Mali."
Bor: "I'm doing it, just gimme a sec"
Baltasar: "Chasing us down to pester us about owls is not your job."
DMSoft: "yeah, that's all I got"-Mali
DMSoft: *an owl crashes into the side of the hall
DMSoft: *this one has a note*
Baltasar: "Besides, unless they're on fire (I can only hope), the problem is hardly urgent."
Bor: "So do you know of a way for me to get even stronger than those things that beat me up, Mali?"
DMSoft: "You should try the restricted books section of the library bor."-Mali
Rydia rushes out to check the owl and the note
Bor: "Where's that library? Do I have to read to get stronger?"
Altharid: "Do I need some kind of recommendation or other access privilage ?"
DMSoft: *the note says "My love, I will see you soon. -
DMSoft: *the name on the note is Griswol
Altharid: "To access those crystals"
Rydia brings it into the others "I have a note for Griswol"
DMSoft: "they're just under the earthen section the library sits on."-Mali
DMSoft: "we don't own that…I don't think."-Mali
Altharid: "Amusing… that should do it"
Altharid bows a little
DMSoft: (note is from griswol rydia)
Baltasar: "Err, as in outside the library?"
Bor: "Ok, thanks Mali"
Rydia: (oh ok)
Altharid: "I'm indebted to you girl"
Rydia: "I have a note from Griswol here"
DMSoft: "yeah, the floating mass it sits on is crystals."-mali
Bor: "Let's kick some ass! To that woman who wants us to do the job!"
Baltasar: "And you're suggesting that we swipe a couple and play with them?"
Altharid: "I have to agree with Bor…. I'll need some more psychic warmup"
DMSoft: "yeah, you can't really hurt the library."-mali
DMSoft: (knowledge planes balt)
Rydia: "anyone know who Griswol's love is?"
Bor: "Me"
DMSoft: *the owl flys away btw
Baltasar: know:planes: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
Bor: *follows the owl*
Baltasar: (( planes, not arcana? ))
DMSoft: (you know what I told you before)
Baltasar shrugs
DMSoft: (you guys can move now, or ask more questions.)
Baltasar: "Well, I need to go to the library anyway, so I'll join you."
DMSoft: (sidhe and riani are not here)
DMSoft: (you head to where they said the owlery is)
Baltasar: (( do I have any evidence that mali would know anything about that white cat i dreamt of? ))
Rydia: "i'd love to see the library"
DMSoft: (nope)
Altharid follows the rest of the group.. the library can wait if that matters… a little bit that is
Baltasar: (( kk, going to owl place then ))
DMSoft: *the library is in the same place as the directions for the owlery
Altharid: (oh kk)
Baltasar: (( *sigh* why didn't you say that earlier ))
Rydia heads to the owlery, since she has the directions lol
Game disconnected!
DMSoft: (you didn't attempt to go there)
Locating server at…
Game connected!
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(26155) Allana Lindoll : WB Tyr
Moving to room 'Shadow of the Library'..
DMSoft (enter): 17:09
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Many thanks goes to all of those who contributed!
The developers in alphabetical order are:
Thomas Baleno, Andrew Bennett, Lex Berezhny, Ted Berg, Bernhard Bergbauer, Chris Blocher ,Ben Collins-Sussman, Robin Cook, Greg Copeland, Chris Davis, Michael Edwards, Andrew Ettinger, Dj Gilcrease, Todd Faris, Christopher Hickman, Paul Hosking, Scott Mackay, Brian Manning, Jesse McConnell, Brian Osman, Rome Reginelli, Christopher Rouse, Dave Sanders and Mark Tarrabain.
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Bor (enter): 17:09
Rydia (enter): 17:09
Karma (enter): 17:09
DMSoft (enter): 17:09
Altharid (enter): 17:09
Ichai (enter): 17:09
Altharid (enter): 17:09
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Rydia: (wb)
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You must be either a player or GM to use the miniature Layer
Draco (Eidolon) happily follows
Attempting to assign the role of GM to DMSoft…
Bor: *to Draco* "So Draco, do you want to fight me?"
DMSoft: *you see the library overhead
Rydia stares at the library, amazed that it stays afloat
DMSoft: *the owlery is located directly beneath the library…which hovers 50' overhead
Bor: "What sorcery is this?!?"
DMSoft: (the dimensions of the library are to scale)
DMSoft: the base is 150' high
Rydia: (woah)
The Whisperer: "Some… poweful one… to say the least"
Bor: "Lead the way, woman! You do the talking"
DMSoft: *you can hear screams overhead*
The Whisperer: (you can hear an alien voice from Althraid)
DMSoft: "YAAAAY!!!!"
Baltasar: *to Bor* "Just whatever you do, don't say the command word. It will make the library stop floating, and will crush us all."
Rydia enters the owlery
DMSoft: *the screams come closers and then get fainter
Bor: "What is happening?"
DMSoft: (the owlery is in the shadow of teh library, the whole area is dark)
Bor: "And what is that command word?"
Rydia: (how dark?)
DMSoft: "yayaya, this is the best!" you hear more screams overhead
Baltasar: "Oh gods, someone must have said it, and the library is falling! Run Bor, run!"
DMSoft: (dark enough to hide)
Bor: "I can hold it!"
Baltasar has darkvision
DMSoft: (it's a single voice, the scream)
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Altharid' from server… Removing dead client
Altharid (exit): 17:14
Baltasar: Perception: [1d20+14] => [5,14] = (19)
The Whisperer grins
Bor: "What's with your voice, Altharid?"
DMSoft: (baltasar, you can see someone on the edge of the library…on a rope)
Baltasar: (( do i recognize bungie jumping? ))
DMSoft: (the rope is stretching and they are being flung up and down)
The Whisperer: "This is my normal voice… why are asking ?"
DMSoft: (now you do)
Rydia casts loight on a coin and looks around, heading to the owlery
The Whisperer: (you asking)
Bor: "It is cool"
Baltasar: "Some people…"
DMSoft: "hello, do you want to buy an owl"-sally
Bor: *folllows Rydia*
Rydia: "no. im here for a job."
Karma bowing to sally. "I heard you were in need of assistance with your owls."
Karma : we heard*
DMSoft: *you notice an owl falls off it's perch*
DMSoft: "Oh, thank goodness!"-sally
The Whisperer: "Why would I ever want to employ such creature in my research?"
DMSoft: "I need you to move that big floating thing."-sally
Rydia: "There is something amiss with your owls maam. What can we do to help?"
DMSoft: "the shadow is bad for the owls."-sally
Baltasar looks at Sally Worth like she's an idiot.
DMSoft: "they stay up all the time."-sally
Rydia: "Move……the library….."
Bor: *whispers to Baltasar* "We could use that command word…"
DMSoft: "Yes….please?"0sally
Bor: "How much?"
DMSoft: "well, how many of you are there?"-sally
Rydia: "Maybe we can ask them to move it, if we can get up there"
The Whisperer: "It depends if you count the vessel or the other one too"
Draco (Eidolon) sniffs the owls
DMSoft: "I like to pay by the person. I can offer 1500 gp each…but no more than 12000 gp."0sally
Baltasar: *Sarcastically* "Oh, let's just tie a rope to it and have Bor start hauling."
Baltasar rolls his eyes.
DMSoft: "that sounds like it would work."-sally
Rydia: "I think he was joking"
DMSoft: "some guys tried that. they got tired tho."-sally
Bor: "I'm not one of those guys"
Bor: (but baby, I can dance)
The Whisperer: "Indeed such a solution would be… not fitting this body… its not strong enough… yet"
DMSoft: "so you're gonna do it then?"-sally
Baltasar: "Ok, fine. You said 7500 gold?"
Bor: "Yeah, 12000 gold, right?"
Baltasar: "We need to go to the library anyway, I'll ask around, and see what we can do."
Bor: "She said 12000."
DMSoft: "well, I said 1500 each."-sally
Baltasar: (( she said 1500/person, up to 12000 ))
Bor: "There are more people"
Baltasar: (( let's try not to abuse the WBL too badly? ))
DMSoft: "nanny grow is very stricked with money"-sally
Baltasar: (( there are five of us ))
Baltasar: "Wait, Grow is in charge of this?"
Bor: ((I'm 2k below WBL))
Karma : "Well that is quite the understandable situation."
DMSoft: "oh, I should ask you not to use super magic."-sally
DMSoft: "like open the sky and such."-sally
Baltasar: "Lemme guess, it interferes with the owls?"
Karma : "But I think no one here has an ability to figure out how to move that shadow from the floating library…"
DMSoft: "I really dont' want nanny to find out until it is moved."-sally
DMSoft: "no, i'm just a scared of nanny grow"-sally
Rydia: "We'll move it"
Baltasar: "You do realize that she could probably fix the problem in minutes, and wouldn't have to pay a bunch of money?"
DMSoft: (you know that it's a natural shadow, not magical. Move the library move the shadow)
Baltasar: "But ok, I'm fine with getting paid."
Karma : "otherwise a backup situation is to talk to the city council about the entire situation with the owls delivery and health being impeded upon by the shadow from the floating library."
DMSoft: "I can't leave here on a whim"-sally
Bor: "Let's get in the library then!"
Bor: *looks for a way to get up there*
The Whisperer: "Each gold piece counts… when it comes to the project's fundation"
Baltasar leads the way to the library.
DMSoft: *you find a couple of priest in Mali's uniform*
Rydia: "1500gp each is resonable, and im sure we can move the library for you. Mali may be able to help us get in the library"
The Whisperer follows
Rydia follows balt
DMSoft: *there is a line and some floating disks to get up*
Bor: *follows people around*
Baltasar greets the priests politely.
DMSoft: "Hello, we've met"-knowledge buster
Rydia: "Al, what do you mean…project?"
DMSoft: "You can go right on through."-knowledge buster
The Whisperer: (spot checks to notice that Altharids eyes are constantly glowing in bright blue)
DMSoft: (perception is spot)
Rydia: (perception for Al [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2))
The Whisperer: "Didn't I tell you that the last time miss Rydia ?"
DMSoft: *the knowledge buster puts you all on a floating disk"
Rydia: "No, and youve never called me Rydia before"
Bor: "Uh-oh*
DMSoft: *it quickly wisks you up 150'
Baltasar asks the priest, "We have a number of inquiries that need to be made. Can you direct me to your manager?"
DMSoft: "go into the library, and for the love of pewey, don't go bungie jumping!"-buster
Bor: "Hang on"
DMSoft: "ask inside, you'll be able to speak with the boss in there."-buster
Bor: "Where" the section that talks about getting bigger and stronger?"
Baltasar: "Thank you."
DMSoft: "oh, you want the dummies section"-buster
DMSoft: "ask inside"-buster
Bor: *goes in*
Baltasar asks Altharid, "Ok, what's going on with you?"
DMSoft: *you can see a line to the right for bungie jumping in the courtyard
Baltasar: (( what check would i have to make to tell that he's possessed? ))
The Whisperer: "I'm perfectly fine"
Baltasar: (( cause i'm assuming that's what it is ))
DMSoft: (psionics)
The Whisperer: "Well almost… this vessel is still underdeveloped"
Baltasar: (( blarg ))
Rydia: *backs away from Al, never noticing his eyes. Just that his personality has changed*
Baltasar: know:pionics [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
Baltasar: (( hmm ))
DMSoft: everybody who goes into the library needs a spellcraft and knowledge arcana or planes check
DMSoft: (you know he's possed)
Baltasar: "Yeah, you're possessed. Are you going to come quietly, or do we need to restrain you?"
Bor: (I don't have any of those)
Baltasar: know arcana: [1d20+14] => [16,14] = (30)
Baltasar: spellcraft: [1d20+14] => [12,14] = (26)
Bor: "Finally, fighting Altharid!"
DMSoft: baltasar, you just left dragonport
The Whisperer: "Possessed ? Interesting.. you do not seem to be educated enough"
Rydia: spellcraft [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22) Arcana [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19) Planes [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
DMSoft: *rydia, draco is gone
Bor: (Like boom gone?)
DMSoft: *he was behind you
DMSoft: *you should try to resummon him
Rydia looks back for draco
Baltasar: "Don't care. You have two choices, you can either be a good little possessor, and do what I say. Or I can have Bor hit you until you do."
Rydia: "I'll catch up. I need Draco" *Rydia draws the circles and performs her ritual to summon Draco*
Baltasar leads the group to the front desk.
Bor: (Baltasar, you left Dragonport)
The Whisperer: "Mind you …. should the you harm me in any way…"
The Whisperer: "The same will happen to the no22 obviously"
DMSoft: (you manage to summon draco…but he's…more real)
Baltasar: "Yeah yeah, we harm Alth."
Rydia: (more real?)
Baltasar: "Somehow, I'm not caring a whole lot."
DMSoft: "hello, can you hear me?"-draco says in draconic
The Whisperer: (the -> you)
Bor: (Is Baltasar here?)
Rydia: "Yes…."
Baltasar stops at the desk, "Can I get some help here? My friend is possessed and we need some help with it."
DMSoft: "I will protect you."-draco
The Whisperer: (actually cross out that unncessary the)
Baltasar: (( bor, we all left dragonport, it was what the spellcraft and knowledge check told us ))
Rydia hugs Draco "thank you. what happened? why are you differant?"
DMSoft: *there is a front desk, the library is not as big inside
Bor: (OIC)
The Whisperer: "Foolish … humanoid… I'm not the possesor"
DMSoft: "We're not home right now….we're in another place"-draco
The Whisperer: "I'm an imprint of mine previous self"
Bor: "Let's move this"
Baltasar: "For the love of Pewey, will you shut up?"
Bor: "Then mess with the crystals to help Altharid"
DMSoft: *the whisperer hears a voice…"Possession in not allowed here."
DMSoft: *the whisperer is turned off
Altharid returns to his former self
(26175) John (exit): 17:33
Rydia: "stay close draco, we need to move the library"
DMSoft: "This is a safe place for us."-draco
Bor: "Look, he shut up"
Altharid: "What exactly happened ? Is that the library ?"
DMSoft: "I will always protect you tho."-draco
Baltasar: "Oh thank gods, that thing was annoying."
Baltasar: "Yes, looks like one of your passengers got out."
DMSoft: (knowledge psionics altharid)
Rydia smiles and returns to the group
Altharid: "Wait… do you mean that he got the upper hand ?"
Baltasar: "And damn, but he was a drama queen."
Altharid: Skills: Knowledge (psionics) [1d20+8] => [3,8] = (11)
DMSoft: "Can I help you….OH my Pewey!"-librarian
Altharid: (heh)
DMSoft: (not good enough alth)
Baltasar mutters to Bor, "Emphasis on the queen bit."
DMSoft: *the librarian comes forward and touches draco
Bor laughs loudly.
DMSoft: "a dragon and a dragon caller!"-librarian
Bor: "Hello, mister!"
Bor: "We want to move this library!"
DMSoft: "I have never seen one!"-he seems to be only focused on rydia and her dragon
Baltasar interjects himself in the librarian's conversation. "Hey, yeah, we need some help."
Baltasar: "Shush Bor, this is more important."
DMSoft: "Oh, I think we've met before."-librarian to balt
Bor: "What is more important?"
Rydia: "Sir, we need to move the library. I'll let you see Draco more later. The shadow is messing with the city's messenger owls"
DMSoft: "Oh, the dummies section is over there"-librarian points to left
Altharid: "… I need to get rid of a certain 'passenger' "
Baltasar: "I rather think that Altharid's possession is slightlym ore important than the damn birds."
DMSoft: "Oh, move the library?"-librarian
Rydia: "If you can have someone move it we can focus on our friends posession"
Bor: "But he had a cool voice and glowing eyes"
DMSoft: "SHAZAAMMMM!"-yells the librarian
DMSoft: *a man blinks into existance
Baltasar wishes he was a wizard and could cast Silence, just this once
Rydia: (is billy bastion here? lol)
Altharid: "I'll just need a suitable crystalic vessel"
Altharid: '"To trap that nuisance"
DMSoft: "hello,….oh my, a dragon caller"-hiroshi
DMSoft: "I'm hiroshi Ohba"
Baltasar turns to Altharid, "Are you sure? You don't want help binding it?"
DMSoft: *the librarian explains the situation
Rydia: "Any relation to Mali Ohba?"
Bor: "That's Mali surname"
DMSoft: "Mali is my daughter. do you know her?"-hiroshi
Altharid: "I think that I figured it out… mostly.. still some insights could indeed prove helpful"
Altharid: (to Balth)
Baltasar whispers to Altharid, "Tell him Mali sent you."
DMSoft: "Have you seen my daughter?"-hiroshi
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' DMSoft' from server… Removing dead client
DMSoft (exit): 17:39
Bor: "Yeah, Mali's cool"
Altharid: " Greetings oh wise-one "
DMSoft: "You can go Cid."-hiroshi says to the librarian
Altharid: " Mali pointed me out to this estabilishment"
DMSoft: "oh, no need to butter me up."-hiroshi
DMSoft: "Can you tell her to come home then?"
Bor: "How does a woman disobey a man, especially her father?"
Altharid: "Hmm… I guess… but I'm not exactly positive if she'll listen"
DMSoft: "well, she said she was in love with a strong guy."
DMSoft: "then she left"
Altharid: (brb)
DMSoft: "if I ever find that guy….I'll make him sorry."
Bor: "Are you strong?"
DMSoft: "physically, no. I use my words."
DMSoft: "do you know who this strong guy is."-to bor
Bor: "Then nevermind."
Bor: "Well, I've never seen someone stronger than me in Dragonport."
Bor: *flexes*
DMSoft: "Oh, I doubt she would be in love with you…"*laughs
Altharid is amused by the primitive display of power
Rydia: "Can you help us?"
DMSoft: "You have muscles on your muscles"
DMSoft: "What do you need?"
Rydia rolls her eyes at Bor
Altharid: "Some crystal matter"
Altharid: "And psionic-know-how"
Rydia: "Al needs help with his posession and the shadow of you library is messing with the owls…."
Altharid: "Basically"
DMSoft: "well, you're from dragonport, right?"
Bor: "And moving this thing"
(26192) No Name (enter): 17:44
Rydia: "Came from there. Im from a little village a few weeks out"
DMSoft: "hmm, moving a library. I don't think it's been done intentionally for a long time."
Bor: "And I want to see the restricted books section"
DMSoft: "dragonport branch. that's a small one."
DMSoft: "well, that's where you would probably find the information you need….but it's dangerous."
Bor: "Something about getting bigger and stronger"
Baltasar: (( how does the library move? does it travel through the physical world or teleport? ))
Rydia: "He needs the dummies section. i'd like to learn more about summoners like me"
DMSoft: "bigger and stronger…also restricted section."
DMSoft: "well, I can tell you all about dragon callers."
DMSoft: "you were probably surprised that he could talk."
Rydia: "yea, he never did before"
Bor: "Do you want to follow to see how strong I am, Mali's father:"
DMSoft: "the library is close to the dragonheart."
Rydia: "first i want to help Altharid"
Baltasar: (( what's that? ))
Altharid facepalsm and snicklers a litte
DMSoft: "Oh, your friend? What's wrong with him?"
Baltasar: (( or more precisely, does balt know what that is? ))
Altharid: (*facepalms)
DMSoft: (knowledge planes)
Baltasar: (( and we did explain alth's issue to hiroshi ))
Altharid: "Just as I said before"
Baltasar: (( pretty much first thing ))
Bor: "He became awesome, but now he's not as awesome"
Baltasar: knowledge planes for identifying dragonheart: [1d20+9] => [11,9] = (20)
Rydia: "he told you what he needs, i just hope it helps his posession"
Altharid: "I will need access to the psionic data section of this estabilishment"
(26192) No Name (exit): 17:47
DMSoft: "oh, you have a host. take one of the crystals and trap it."
Altharid: "If it does exist that is"
Rydia: (planes for dragonheart [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) )
(26192) No Name (enter): 17:48
Altharid: "Yes Mali said the same thing oh wise one"
DMSoft: "I know enough about psionics to know you need to trap it."
(26192) No Name: Disconnecting from server…
(26192) No Name (exit): 17:48
DMSoft: "I can offer you a word."
DMSoft: "Shinzlekippers."
DMSoft: *the whisperer comes back online
Altharid: *confused*
The Whisperer: I'am back again… so it seems
DMSoft: (you know the dragonheart is where dragons go to reincarnate into dragons in a cycle)
Bor: "Oh! Awesome again!"
DMSoft: (dragons never truly die)
Baltasar: "You moron. You brought back the possession."
The Whisperer: "Who dared to force back to the depts of that twisted subconsciousess ?"
The Whisperer: (force me)
DMSoft: "Shinzlekippers"
DMSoft: *offline again
DMSoft: "did you get the word?"
Baltasar: "See, that one's a sociopath. This one isn't."
Altharid: "What in the nine hells was that ?"
Bor: "Haha! Shinzlekippers!
Rydia: "Then draco isnt just…..hes…..real?"
DMSoft: "It will be up to you to free your friend when you find a crystal"
DMSoft: "say the word"
Baltasar slaps Bor in the back of the head.
Rydia snickers and says "Shinzlekippers!"
DMSoft: "and it will be trapped."
DMSoft: *the entity comes back
Rydia: "Funny word"
Baltasar: (( err… so we do what? ))
Bor: "Are there mosquitos in here?"
Altharid: (Shinzlekippers waht a funny word indeed…. heh)
DMSoft: "Shinzlekippers"
Baltasar: (( put the crystal in alth's ear and say the word? ))
Altharid: (*what)
DMSoft: (ridea said the word)
DMSoft: (doesn't matter if you whisper…it just works)
Baltasar: (( bor said the word first, then rydia ))
The Whisperer: "… very amusing indeed"
The Whisperer: "Will you stop that ?"
Baltasar: (( so it's back to alth ))
DMSoft: (sorry, i missed taht bor said it)
Baltasar: (( also, Balt's getting really annoyed and is nearly ready to stab Bor ))
The Whisperer: (oh the same)
Baltasar: (( just letting you know ))
Bor: "Ok, restricted section, off we go!"
DMSoft: "shinzlekippers"
The Whisperer changes back to Altharid
Rydia: "How can we get a crystal?"
Baltasar glares at Hiroshi
Baltasar: "Shinzlekippers."
DMSoft: "okay, but I cannot take you all the way."
Altharid: "… that annoying thing overtook me again !"
The Whisperer: "…"
DMSoft: *Hiroshi takes you back past the card catalog
Baltasar: "I swear to the gods, I will hit the next person who releases that thing.
DMSoft: *through a door
DMSoft: *there are 4 knowledge busters near teh door
Baltasar: (( so alth knows how to do the binding now? ))
DMSoft: *through there is the master cataloge. You should look up moving the library and other things.
Baltasar: (( just need the crystal? ))
DMSoft: (yeah)
Bor: (I'm leaving in 2 hours approximately)
DMSoft: (should be done by then)
Rydia: "Thank you Mr Ohba"
DMSoft: *knowledge (history) +2 bonus
DMSoft: (to find out how to move the library
Baltasar: "Thank you." *turns to the rest of the group* "Ok, let's split up and get what we came for. Bor, you go do your… learning. Alth and Rydia, would you mind looking up how to move the library?'
DMSoft: (anything else you need to look up is +2 as well)
Baltasar: "I have to do something else, unfortunately."
Rydia walks to the main cataloge "no problem, ill find what i can" History [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
Altharid tries to find some relevant info
DMSoft: *rydia finds an entry for a book called "how to steal this book"
Bor: "Can you look for things that make people big and strong? I'm not familiar with those book things"
DMSoft: "and I moved the floating library by accident" says the subject card
Baltasar: "Ah, excuse me Mr. Hiroshi? I have a few questions of my own. I think you'll find them interesting as well."
DMSoft: (knowledge arcana)
DMSoft: *you walk back to where he is
DMSoft: "yes, what is it?"
Baltasar describes the dream, and the winged cat.
Rydia trys to find the book itself (arcana with +2?)
Bor: (who's rolling arcana?)
DMSoft: "sounds like my ancestor has taken a liking to you."
DMSoft: (anyone who wants to help bor)
Baltasar: "I'm honored then."
Altharid: (can someone post a message
Altharid: (sorry gotta bug again)
DMSoft: "If it is the lich, perhaps you should stay here for the rest of your life."-hiroshi
Altharid: (need to reconnect)
Baltasar: (( what do you mean, alth? ))
Rydia: arcana [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6) to help bor before finding the book
Altharid (exit): 17:58
Altharid (enter): 17:58
Baltasar: (( and have you tried using /purge ))
Bor: Arcana [1d20-1] => [3,-1] = (2)
Baltasar: "I'm afraid that is not an option…"
Rydia: *Rydia, after failing to help bor, goes to find the book to move the library*
Baltasar: (( err… don't really know what questions to ask here ))
Bor: *follows Rydia*
(26203) Altharid (enter): 17:59
(26203) Altharid (exit): 17:59
(26203) Altharid (enter): 17:59
DMSoft: *you can ask for help in the main library
(26203) Altharid: (what did I miss?)
DMSoft: *it will cost you 50gp
Baltasar: (( alth, did you try using /purge ))
DMSoft: (bor failed his check and has to spend money to get what he's looking for)
(26203) Altharid: (tried… did not solve the problem)
Rydia: (i failed to help bor too)
Bor: (Bor's following Rydia, he'll look for it later)
(26203) Altharid: (how does my own research go ?)
DMSoft: (you can pay a librarian if you want)
DMSoft: (what were you looking for?)
(26203) Altharid: (psionic knowledge about crystals etc)
Rydia goes out to find the book on moving the library
DMSoft: (did you roll a knowledge psionics?)
(26203) Altharid: Skills: Knowledge (psionics) [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25)
DMSoft: (with a +2)
(26203) Altharid: (now I did)
(26203) Altharid: (oh so 27)
Baltasar: (( DM, can we just come back to my conversation with Hiroshi, after the session? ))
DMSoft: (you find out everything you need to know)
DMSoft: (the command word has removed the cost)
Baltasar: (( cause i imagine it's going to take a rather long time, unless i just make a gather info check ))
Baltasar: (( which is kinda gay ))
Baltasar: (( the check would be stupid, not the long time ))
DMSoft: (oh, you can find the book…but it's in the dangerous section)
(26203) Altharid: "So that how it is… the so-called 'psicrystals'… I'll bet that the Whisperer is going to love it"
(26203) Altharid: *that's
Baltasar: (( … DM, who was that last comment to? ))
DMSoft: *you move to find the book, some knowledge busters stop you
Bor: (Karma, is everything alright?)
DMSoft: "Oh, you can't go in there. Those books kill."
Rydia: "We need the one on how to move the library, its in there"
Bor: Perception [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12) to hear that books kill
DMSoft: "oh, that's the worst book in there!"
DMSoft: (you hear it just find)
Rydia: "Draco will protect me"
(26203) Altharid whispers to himself "Now that I became aware of this proccesses details… the rest is a child's play"
Bor: *goes to Altharid*
DMSoft: "I will protect you"-draco
Bor: "Let's kill those books then!"
DMSoft: "oh, well, if you can get some more people, I may let you pass."-buster
Bor: "I never liked them anyway"
Rydia: "But the library needs to be moved, i will chance it. No harming books unless needed"
(26203) Altharid: "Knowledge is valuable… the specifics does not matter for it is… power basically"
(26203) Altharid: (to bor)
DMSoft: "don't worry, the books heal naturally…i mean magically."-buster
DMSoft: "it takes a while tho. So beat em and read em!"
Rydia enters, keeping the warnings in mind.
Rydia: "Beat em and read em?"
Bor: "Do you know where a book that tells me how to get strong and big is?"
DMSoft: *the buster stops you…"you need a group for what's in there"
Bor: "Is it nearby that other one?"
DMSoft: "oh, I know there's a book in there."-buster
Rydia: "Bor, ill be here can you get the others?"
(26203) Altharid: "I shall accompany you green one"
DMSoft: "it thinks it's a bull"
DMSoft: "but it's just a man"
Rydia: "thanks Al"
DMSoft: "I think it's called "how I became a manotaur"
Bor: "The book thinks it is a bull but is a man?"
Baltasar finishes his discussion with Hiroshi, nodding his thanks, before rejoining the other three.
Bor: "How many people do we need?"
Bor: (I think Karma's not here)
DMSoft: At least 4 me thinks
Bor: "Then let's go already!"
Bor: (me, Rydia, Altharid, Baltasar)
Baltasar: "Hold up."
Baltasar: "What kind of books?"
Rydia: "Baltasr, the book is in here. but they kill"
Baltasar: knowledge:arcana check to identify: [1d20+18] => [9,18] = (27)
Bor: "How to steal this book, How I became a manotaur"
Baltasar: (( err, that shoudl be 28, my bonus is a +19 to identify stuff with it ))
DMSoft: Oh, there's also "Missile mage madness"-buster
Rydia: "missile mage madness? whats that about?"
Baltasar: (( so i'm guessing these are basically animated objects? ))
DMSoft: (correct0
Baltasar: (( and if we get them to 0hp, will the book be destroyed or disabled? ))
DMSoft: "and be careful for the Jets leaflets…some blokes got in there and spread those"-buster
Bor: (disabled)
DMSoft: (yup, disabled)
Baltasar: (( excellent ))
Rydia: "do the killl too?"
DMSoft: *the buster lets you pass
Baltasar infuses Bane(Construct) on his crossbow.
Bor: "So what about tha missile madness?"
DMSoft: "they kill, they kill"
Rydia enters having draco stay close and alert
DMSoft: "that books likes magic missle."-buster
Bor: *nods and smiles*
Bor: *enters and stays in the front*
DMSoft: "i suggest you cast shield"buster
Baltasar keeps a cautious eye out, crossbow loaded.
Bor: "Magic can't harm me!"
DMSoft: [1d20+15] => [4,15] = (19)
DMSoft: (perception check rydia)
DMSoft: *it's not well lit in this section*
Rydia: perception [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15) dracos perception [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16)
DMSoft: (you didn't notice anything)
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+14] => [9,14] = (23)
DMSoft: [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22)
Bor: *takes off Mali's gift*
DMSoft: perception check balt, +5
(26203) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
Bor: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
Baltasar: (( ok, just add 5 to my check, for a 28 ))
DMSoft: *you notice something was trying to steal your money, but it's gone
Bor: (which is the liquid sunfire thing*
Baltasar: (( the money is, or the thief? ))
DMSoft: the thierf
DMSoft: [1d20+10] => [3,10] = (13)
(26203) Altharid: "Something wrong… employer ?"
Baltasar: "There's something sneaking around here. Tried to get into my pouch."
DMSoft: *bor, you see a book floating at waist level. a hand is reaching out of it trying to rob you
Baltasar: "Couldn't catch more than a glimpse."
DMSoft: *you all see it now
Bor attacks the book.
Baltasar: init: [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
(26203) Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+0] => [14,0] = (14)
DMSoft: [1d20+10] => [5,10] = (15)
Bor: init [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)
DMSoft: the book moves away
DMSoft: *it dives into a bookshelf
(26203) Altharid: "Wait… you piece of cr… paper !"
Rydia: initiative [1d20+2] => [19,2] = (21)
DMSoft: *rydia, you can attack it
Rydia: "Draco, get the book!"
Bor: (my money is in my sack, so he couldn't steal it)
Bor: it*
DMSoft: (lol, it's a magic book, it will find a way)
(26208) Bill Bisco (enter): 18:18
Rydia: *Draco tries to bite the book and hold it [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
DMSoft: hit
Rydia: damage [1d6+2] => [1,2] = (3)
DMSoft: *you can also make an AoO when it escapes
Rydia: *Draco attacs with claws as it escapes [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13) damage [1d4+2] => [4,2] = (6)
DMSoft: *miss
DMSoft: *perception checks…and rydia notices her money is gone now
(26203) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10)
Bor: [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
Rydia: (all of it?)
(26203) Altharid: (darn IT)
DMSoft: (yup, it's a very good book)
(26203) Altharid: (just my luck)
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+14] => [20,14] = (34)
(26203) Altharid: (balt… the dice gods are with ya mate
DMSoft: (baltasar, there are other books on the floor growing arms)
(26203) Altharid: )
Baltasar takes a shot at the closest one.
Rydia: perception [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6) draco perception [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
DMSoft: (okay, standard action surprise for you)
Bor: (hang on)
DMSoft: (and rydia)
Baltasar: Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+9] => [8,9] = (17), Damage [1d8+2+2d6] => [3,2,4,3] = (12)
Bor: (I just realized I can AoO the book that got away due to Combat Reflexes)
DMSoft: *you injured a book*
DMSoft: *yeah, you can*
Baltasar: (( only injured? ))
Bor: (I will then)
Bor: Trip touch attack [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26), Opposed Strenght check [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23), Improved Trip's attack [1d20+13] => [15,13] = (28), Damage [2d4+7] => [2,2,7] = (11)
Baltasar: (( it's floating ))
Baltasar: (( no trip ))
DMSoft: *can't be tripped
DMSoft: damaged it tho
Bor: (ok, roll again?)
Rydia: *Draco jumps at the one with arms and claws it [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15) dmg [1d4+2] => [3,2] = (5)*
DMSoft: (no, i'll just add the damage
Bor: (our turn now?)
DMSoft: *hit, that book is damaged
(26206) Mindos (enter): 18:22
DMSoft: (nope, it's same order, so 2, then mine)
Baltasar: (( how big are the constructs? ))
DMSoft: (stealer is small, one medium, one large)
Baltasar: (( easy enough ))
DMSoft: *you notice the large one has minotaur horns
DMSoft: (the medium one has a wizard hat.)
DMSoft: *there are also 3 leaflets that are medium
Rydia: (uh oh…….magic missiles)
Baltasar does a knowledge:arcana check, to see if (bane(magical beasts) would affect the minotaur book: [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30)
DMSoft: (yup, you can double stack bane on that one)
Baltasar: And another to see if Magebane would affect the casting book: [1d20+19] => [5,19] = (24)
DMSoft: (yup)
Baltasar: (( sweet ))
DMSoft: *the book casts a magic missile
DMSoft: (provokes from bor, rydia, and balt)
(26203) Altharid: (can I finally make my own turn :P ?)
Bor: (can i reach it?)
(26203) Altharid: (I have 10ft reach)
DMSoft: (and altharid)
(26203) Altharid: (kk)
Rydia: (rydia or draco?)
(26203) Altharid: Attacks: MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25), damage [2d4+6] => [2,3,6] = (11)
Bor: Attack [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10) Damage [2d4+7] => [1,2,7] = (10)
Baltasar attempts to stab the book with his bayonet: [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8), Damage: [1d8] => [8] = (8)
DMSoft: (that book is teh closest to you. so both of you)
Baltasar: (( made of fail… ))
DMSoft: [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31) concentration
DMSoft: just need rydia and draco's attacks
Baltasar: (( grr… stupid book, having stupid dice ))
Rydia: *Dracos AoO bite [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21) dmg 1d6+2]*
Rydia: (rydia has no weapons)
Rydia: [1d6+2] => [2,2] = (4)
DMSoft: (okay, teh book succeeds in casting)
DMSoft: [3d4+4] => [4,3,4,4] = (15) damage to bor
DMSoft: *the minotaur book takes out a big axe and swings at bor as well. [1d20+9] => [2,9] = (11)
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking ' Altharid' from server… Removing dead client
Altharid (exit): 18:29
Bor: (miss)
Baltasar: "I think these books are cheating."
Bor: (now we go, right?)
Baltasar: "Books aren't supposed to have weapons."
DMSoft: the leaflets swarm at rydia and atharid [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12) alth, [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6) rydia, draco gets that one
DMSoft: (one of the leaflets is out of range)
DMSoft: (you guys go)
Bor lets out a fearsome roar! (Whirling Frenzy activated)
Baltasar burns an AP on his turn to infuse Magebane on his crossbow.
Rydia: (miss)
(26212) Altharid (enter): 18:31
DMSoft: (you guys can go)
(26212) Altharid: (ok)
(26212) Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
(26212) Altharid: Linked to … (expends psionic focus)
(26212) Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a humanoid-like shape*
Bor: Attacks the mage twice [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19), [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19), Damage [2d4+10] => [2,3,10] = (15), [2d4+10] => [1,1,10] = (12)
Baltasar: "Keep the minotaur off me and Rydia."
DMSoft: (shape is that of a dragonforged)
(26212) Altharid charges at the most damaged book
Baltasar: "I'll take care of the wizard…book. Thing."
(26212) Altharid: Attacks: MW Guisarme [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22), damage [2d4+6] => [4,1,6] = (11)
Rydia summons a Fire Beetle "Draco, keep the minotaur off us!"
DMSoft: (bor takes out the mage book with ease)
(26212) Altharid: (+2 to attack from charge)
Baltasar: (( or that ))
DMSoft: (it falls to the ground)
Baltasar: (( DM, would it be possible for me to change the infusion i cast this round to Bane(Magical Beasts)? ))
Bor: (if it falls with the first attack, then I attack the minotaur with the other)
DMSoft: (sure balt)
DMSoft: (you take out a leaflet alth)
Baltasar: (( thanks muchly ))
DMSoft: (because you couldn't care through the bors)
Rydia: (the Fire Beetle i summon will attack next round right?)
DMSoft: (care=charge_
DMSoft: (yeah, you cast it as a spell)
DMSoft: (there is a minotaur book and 2 leaflets left)
Rydia: (spell like ability usable 6/day)
DMSoft: (you cant use it with the eidolon also)
DMSoft: (it's in the summoner description)
DMSoft: leaflet draco [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
Rydia: (o ok nm then.)
(26213) desig (enter): 18:35
DMSoft: minotaur bor [1d20+12] => [14,12] = (26)
Bor: (hits)
DMSoft: [3d6+8] => [4,2,6,8] = (20)
DMSoft: leaflet altharid [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18)
(26212) Altharid: (hits)
(26212) Altharid: (any aoos)
Rydia: (beetle is not summoned then)
DMSoft: [1d6] => [4] = (4)
(26212) Altharid: (i have reach with guisarme, and tentacles to cover closer range)
DMSoft: yes, alth, the leaflet
DMSoft: everyone can AoO that one
(26212) Altharid: Attacks: Primary Tentacle [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27), damage [1d6+5] => [4,5] = (9) IMPROVED GRAB with that tentacle
Bor: [1d20+9] => [4,9] = (13)
(26212) Altharid: (crit)
Bor: [2d4+10] => [2,1,10] = (13)
(26212) Altharid: (ahh construct)
DMSoft: altharid tentacles the leaflet to death
(26195) Flynn (enter): 18:37
DMSoft: you guys can go
(26195) Flynn (exit): 18:37
Baltasar shoots the Minotaur book in the face.
DMSoft: [1d20+10] => [14,10] = (24)
Bor: Attacks the Minotaur twice [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21), [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26), Damage [2d4+10] => [2,4,10] = (16), [2d4+10] => [3,2,10] = (15)
(26212) Altharid: (an astral construct appears in a flanking possition to help Bor with his minotaur)
Baltasar: Double Bane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+11] => [12,11] = (23), Damage [1d8+4+4d6] => [6,4,6,4,1,5] = (26)
(26212) Altharid: (option chosen : trip)
(26212) Altharid: (AC attack)
(26212) Altharid: [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14)
DMSoft: (the minotaur books goes down hard)
DMSoft: (you manage to take out the last leaflet
Bor: *searches for the thief*
(26212) Altharid: (the glowing creature disappears after 3 rounds)
DMSoft: *perception
Bor: [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
DMSoft: 24 was what I rolled
(26212) Altharid: (it appeared to be a vague humanoid composed of pure blue energy)
DMSoft: *everyone can percept
Bor: *gives up and reads minotaur*
Baltasar gathers up the disabled leaflets, binding them up.
(26212) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25)
Rydia looks for the books we need and takes the magic missile book too
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+14] => [6,14] = (20)
DMSoft: *balt, you know these things will take at least a day to come back to life*
Rydia: perception [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15) draco [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16)
DMSoft: Altharid, there's a book out of place
Baltasar: (( yeah, i figure the librarians won't mind if i take the leaflets with ))
Baltasar: (( they probably willwant the magic missile book to stay though… ))
(26212) Altharid: "Wait…. there's something amiss about that book" *points it out*
DMSoft: *the books moves into the shelf
Bor: *looks*
Rydia: (could read it maybe)
Baltasar: "Grab it!"
Bor: *checks for his money*
DMSoft: *initiative
DMSoft: [1d20+10] => [1,10] = (11)
DMSoft: (lol, 1)
Baltasar: init: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
Bor: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
Rydia: init [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)
(26212) Altharid: (is my AC still active ?)
DMSoft: (yup
DMSoft: you can grab for it
(26212) Altharid: (ok lets assume that he'll move on my init then)
Bor: *pounces it*
(26212) Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+0] => [6,0] = (6)
Bor: (I go first)
DMSoft: (yup)
DMSoft: (AC is 14 flatfoot…if it can be that..)
Bor: Attacks the book twice [1d20+11] => [8,11] = (19), [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16), Damage [2d4+10] => [4,3,10] = (17), [2d4+10] => [2,3,10] = (15)
DMSoft: bor takes the book out
Bor: "Let's look for the gold it steals!"
Bor: *searches*
Baltasar begins checking the shelves with Detect Magic, in case of other animated books.
DMSoft: you find alot of gold
Draco (Eidolon) gathers the books, seeing if we need any of them
DMSoft: inside it's pages…
DMSoft: one says rydia
Bor: "Hey Rydia, this seems to be yours"
DMSoft: 7 pouches and 3000 gp
Bor: "The rest is ours!"
Rydia: "what?"
Baltasar: "You mean, we split the rest."
Bor: "This money"
DMSoft: you found your money rydia
Bor: "Yeah, split rest"
Rydia checks the book
Bor: *reads minotaur*
DMSoft: "I found myself breaking into the floating library"
Baltasar takes the book and binds it up with the leaflets as a precaution.
DMSoft: *minotaur tells you how to ritual into a minotaur
Bor: *takes the minotaur book*
DMSoft: *missile mage has 3 magic missile type spells
(26212) Altharid: "I have never ever imagined that I would find myself… slicing books"
Baltasar glances through the magic book, checking for anything of interest.
Bor: *heals self with Healing Belt* [2d8] => [6,1] = (7)
Baltasar: (( basically if there's any spells I can use ))
Bor: [2d8] => [2,7] = (9)
Baltasar: (( which is really doubtful ))
Rydia: (does it say how to move it?)
Bor: [2d8] => [3,1] = (4)
DMSoft: "I was climbing up and found a hole "here""
(26212) Altharid concentrates to recover his psionic focus
DMSoft: (the book goes on to describe how dirk darling tickled a dragon scale he found in the hole
DMSoft: (there's a map)
Bor: (brb, nat)
DMSoft: (it shows where the hole is.)
Rydia: "interesting"
DMSoft: (He says he was surprised that the library moved so readily)
DMSoft: (so you have a map to a tender spot that a halfling can fit in.)
Baltasar: (( :| ))
DMSoft: (it's located 3/4 of the way down the side of the library)
Rydia: (gtg kids woke up from their nap and are cranky)
Bor: (back)
DMSoft: *k, gg
Bor: (Cya Rydia)
Baltasar: (( cya rydia ))
DMSoft: *where do you guys want to go?
Rydia: (bye, sorry ive gtg early)
Rydia: (gg everyone)
(26212) Altharid: (I still need those crystals)
Bor: "So, what's with that book? How do we move this?"
DMSoft: (is fine, you can check for experience on the adventure page)
Rydia: kk
Rydia: Disconnecting from server…
Rydia (exit): 18:49
DMSoft: Rydia goes back to the main library to talk to hiroshi, she gives teh book to balt
Baltasar quickly sketches the map and instructions.
Baltasar: "In case they won't let us take the book itself."
DMSoft: *knowledge (local)
Bor: "Was there a buster halfling?"
(26212) Altharid uses Autohypnosis to remember whats on the map
Baltasar: "Bor, you get what you need?"
DMSoft: "altharid, you seem to recall that you can't taket he books with you"
Bor: "Well, kind of"
Bor: "If you could read this, it would be better"
DMSoft: *including bor's book
Bor: "I don't understand all of it"
(26212) Altharid: (I have already learned what I wanted)
DMSoft: (*it was a picture book bor)
(26212) Altharid: (lol)
DMSoft: (you can copy it if you want)
Bor: *Bor copies the book*
Baltasar wishes he had made that Amaneusis quill.
(26212) Altharid: (and if everything fails… Authohypnosis all the way through)
DMSoft: *you can do whatever you need to in the library, or try to move it with the new info*
(26212) Altharid: (to remember the rite fo sealing in the tinest detail)
(26212) Altharid: *of
Baltasar: "So I think we're done here. Just need to climb down the side of the cliff, grab a crystal, and tickle a sleeping dragon."
Bor: "Is there a halfling buster that can fit the hole?"
Baltasar: "Yes, this is going to end well."
DMSoft: *you don't see any small busters*
Baltasar: "We'll make Gin do it."
Baltasar: "He's desperate for work, he'll go for it."
(26212) Altharid: "Splendid idea"
Bor: "Let's open our way with our stenght"
Bor: "We'd have to pay him"
Baltasar: "Bor, I've got an idea for you to gain strength."
(26212) Altharid: (brb)
Bor: I'm turning into a minotaur!"
Baltasar fishes a small length of steel wire out of his pocket.
Baltasar: "Here, put this in your mouth and bite on it as hard as you can. It'll strengthen your jaw muscles."
DMSoft: *the picture book indicates that you have to kill a minotaur and sovereign glue it's horns to your head
Baltasar: "Just don't let up, or the exercise will go to waste."
Bor: *tries it*
Baltasar: "Ok, let's go."
Baltasar heads out into the main library, book and leaflets in hand.
Bor: *get's the book's horns"
DMSoft: *notice that the horns are made of paper
Bor: *heads out with no horns*
DMSoft: "oh, you survived." buster
Baltasar asks one of the attendants, "I was wondering if you actually want these leaflets, or if you want me to take them off your hands?"
DMSoft: "you can take them, but understand that the library is what gives them life"-buster
DMSoft: *the leaflets are propaganda for the jets gang
DMSoft: "Join the Jets, we are teh bets!"
Baltasar: "That's fine. I have something of an interest in constructs, temporary or otherwise."
(26212) Altharid: "I suggest that we should start looking for a crystal now… I do not feel like getting overwhelmed again by that know-it-all"
DMSoft: "So, did you find what you were looking for?"-buster
Baltasar: "But I don't imagine you'd be willing to part with the larcenous book?"
Bor: *nods*
Baltasar gestures with the other one.
(26206) Mindos: Disconnecting from server…
(26206) Mindos (exit): 18:57
Bor: *makes a horns gesture and then flexes*
DMSoft: "oh, certainly not. How to steal this book is a classic…if misguided"-buster
Baltasar: "Ah well, here you go."
DMSoft: *the buster takes it from you, and moves back into the danger area.
Baltasar deposits the book in the man's hand and nods his thanks.
Bor: *gives minotaur back*
Baltasar: "Ok, let's go get the crystal."
DMSoft: *the other buster thanks you and takes it back
Bor: *thumbs up*
DMSoft: *you notice that they just go back there without trouble*
Baltasar: "Actually, we can probably get Gin to collect the crystal while he's poking the hole."
DMSoft: *you think, was this a test or something?*
Bor: *follows Baltasar*
Baltasar: "And Bor can simply lower him by rope."
Bor: (I don't think)
(26212) Altharid: "That vision… no matter how I perceive it… its still… unsettling"
DMSoft: *you head outside and notice that the bungie jumping is close to the hole….
Baltasar heads outside, and down on one of the discs.
Baltasar halts.
Baltasar: "Or… we could just ask him."
DMSoft: *there is a line
(26212) Altharid: "Should I cut the line ?"
DMSoft: *you see Gin and his sister
Baltasar: (( how big's the line? ))
DMSoft: (altharid, the second you stepped out of the library, you got possessed, sorry bud)
Baltasar says the command word
DMSoft: (150')
(26212) The Whisperer: " Finally"
Baltasar: (( can't remember what it was ))
(26212) The Whisperer: (does the command work ?)
DMSoft: (the command word isn't working)
(26212) The Whisperer: "Nice try…"
(26212) The Whisperer snickers a little
DMSoft: (Baltasar, you think you need a naked crystal for it to work)
Baltasar: "Bor, please hit Altharid."
DMSoft: (it worked in the library because that was off plane)
(26212) The Whisperer: "Make a one step…"
Bor: (I have to go)
Baltasar: (( oh balls ))
Bor: *does whatever Baltasar asks*
(26212) The Whisperer: "And I shalll do something… highly violent"
DMSoft: (k, gg, they're just gonna get the crystal and some stuff)
Bor: *while unable to speak because of steel thing*
Bor: (thanks guys, cya)
Bor: Disconnecting from server…
Bor (exit): 19:03
Baltasar: (( cya ))
DMSoft: *so, baltasar and whisperer need to find a way to do this thing.
Baltasar: "Ok then. How about we have a little discussion, before things get violent."
Baltasar: "The way I see it, you have two options. 1. You can accept to be bound peacefully and I won't end you."
(26212) The Whisperer: "Well its been a while since I set my foot on this soil"
DMSoft: you see this person running the ride
Baltasar: "2. I'll kick your ass, and then bind you, and then finish you off."
(26233) No Name (enter): 19:04
(26212) The Whisperer: "You think that you can just bind me ? WIthout my hint no22 would not develop any further !"
(26212) The Whisperer: "I shall accept the challenge… as he is unable to bind me anyway"
DMSoft: "hello, did you take the job?"-Gin…notices you guys acting wierd and moves away
Baltasar: "I think I don't particularly care."
Baltasar: "Yeah, hey Gin!"
Baltasar: "Can you do me a favor?"
DMSoft: "oh, what do you need?"-gin
DMSoft: "I was just gonna see if this jump ride could help my sister not be sick"
Baltasar: "There's some crystals near the bottom of the cliff, when you take your jump, can you grab one or two?"
DMSoft: "oh, wouldn't that be dangerous?"-gin
Baltasar: "Or have your sister do it, don't really care, just need a crystal."
Baltasar: "Nah, you're going to be down there anyway, right?"
DMSoft: *int check.
DMSoft: *or wis
Baltasar: "Besides, we'll buy the crystal from you when you get back up."
Baltasar: int check: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
DMSoft: (you probably want him to move teh library too)
Baltasar: (( yeah, but can he do that while grabbing a crystal? ))
DMSoft: (make him an offer)
Baltasar: (( kinda prioritizing at the moment ))
Baltasar: (( how much is the ride? ))
DMSoft: "well, that sounds dangerous. I would need 500 gp to even thing about it."
Baltasar: (( the bungie jump, that is ))
DMSoft: "ride is 10gp
DMSoft: *gin is the only small person here
DMSoft: "okay, 500 gp then?"-gin
Baltasar: "Tell you what, I'll cover the cost of your jump, give you 450gp to get the crystal, and another 150 if you can do a second favor while you're down there."
DMSoft: "ooh, yeah!"
DMSoft: "tell me what it is?"
(26212) The Whisperer grins … and is clearly amused
Baltasar: "There's a hole near there, in the hole is a weird substance that if pushed, will make the library move."
Baltasar: "I want you to push it."
DMSoft: "okay, I'll do it…just give me a map"
Baltasar hands Gin the map he copied down.
Baltasar: "So, you got this?"
DMSoft: "I see, this is gonna be tricky…but I can do it."
DMSoft: *gin goes off to make the jump
Baltasar: "Now, where were we."
DMSoft: *10 minutes later…after a big scene concerning a boy falling to his death
DMSoft: *gin is behind you
DMSoft: "I got this. and this
DMSoft: (you didn't really feel teh library move, but if you 7look over the side)
(26212) The Whisperer: "Lets start this pituful spectacle… shall we?"
DMSoft: (it moved)
DMSoft: to there
(26212) The Whisperer: (*pitiful)
Baltasar: (( out of curiousity, how big were the leaflets? ))
DMSoft: (the are 4'x4')
DMSoft: (but folded)
DMSoft: *hands you the crystal
(26212) The Whisperer: "Give me that" *grabs it
DMSoft: "I also found alot of money in the hole."
Baltasar blocks Altharid
DMSoft: "but that's mine"
Baltasar: "Nicely done."
DMSoft: "sorry it took so long, I had to stash that 10000gp
(26212) The Whisperer: "You wanted me to challenge no 22 ?"
(26212) The Whisperer: "So what is wrong with you ?"
Baltasar: "Heh, greedy little bastard."
Baltasar: "Ok, I've had about enough out of you."
DMSoft: "yeah, now, how about paying me?"
Baltasar: (( err, how would i go about doing the binding? ))
DMSoft: (just say the word)
Baltasar: (( aww… I was hoping i had to get alth unconscious ))
(26212) The Whisperer: (I will describe the latter part kk ?)
DMSoft: (do you remember the word, or are you scrolling up?)
Baltasar takes the crystal, "One second Gin. Shinzlekippers."
Baltasar: "God, that is a retarded word."
DMSoft: (the entity moves into the crystal)
Baltasar: (( i was looking, yes ))
(26212) The Whisperer drops down to his knees
(26212) The Whisperer: "What the…"
DMSoft: "so, that was nice. I did come back for my 650 gp"
DMSoft: *gin extends his hand
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking '(26203) Altharid' from server… Removing dead client
(26203) Altharid (exit): 19:15
(26212) The Whisperer: "My own specimen… overwhelming me ? Wait… who are you… its you you traitor !"
Baltasar: "Learn some math, it was 510gp"
Baltasar: (( err, 610 ))
(26212) Altharid comes back to his senses
DMSoft: "Darn, I guess you are no fool"
Baltasar drops a handful of platinum in Gin's hands.
DMSoft: *you find gin to be a likeable guy with ambitions
Baltasar: (( i find no such thing ))
DMSoft: "well, I have a job for you."
(26212) Altharid: "Thats strange… I thought I would have some difficulties"
DMSoft: "i'm the client"
Baltasar: (( a greedy, yet useful little bastard, maybe ))
(26212) Altharid: "Yet I overwhelmed him … with ease" - mutters to himself
Baltasar tosses the crystal to Alth, "There you go."
Baltasar: *to Gin* "You have my attention."
DMSoft: "I want you to use the money to buy the nicest owl for my sister."-gin says
Baltasar looks at Gin.
Baltasar: "And why can't you just do this yourself?"
(26212) Altharid: "Yes I can sense his presence there" - carefully inspects the crystal
DMSoft: "she really likes that Larry book"
DMSoft: "well, I am lazy…and wealthy now"
Baltasar: "Touche"
Baltasar: "Alright then."
DMSoft: "i'll be in the business district"
DMSoft: "in my new house"
Baltasar: "How much are you paying first."
DMSoft: "Casa de Gin"
DMSoft: "oh, 610gp)
Baltasar rolls his eyes
DMSoft: "but get the nicest one…my sister will know if you didn't"
Baltasar: "Smartass. Fine, we'll get it in short order."
DMSoft: *gin leaves
Baltasar: "So, you ready to go pay for that crystal?"
(26212) Altharid: how much exactly ?
DMSoft: *the crystal feels light
(26212) Altharid: ahh 610 gp
Baltasar: "I paid 610gp, you'll just need to deliver a stupid owl to Gin's sister."
DMSoft: *it's trying to float away…like a balloon.
(26212) Altharid: *grabs*
(26213) desig: Disconnecting from server…
(26213) desig (exit): 19:21
Baltasar glowers at the crystal.
(26212) Altharid: "Where the hell do you thing you are going ?"
DMSoft: *you have it, but it is a balloon. it didn't float when gin handed it to you
Baltasar: "Want me to incorporate that into a weapon or something?"
(26212) Altharid: *think
(26212) Altharid: (balloon ?)
DMSoft: (it floats like a balloon)
(26212) Altharid: (ah kk)
DMSoft: (you manage to get to the owlery)
(26212) Altharid: (perception to find "the nicest-looking owl"
DMSoft: (bor and rydia are there)
DMSoft: (yes by all means diff is 10)
(26212) Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
Baltasar: Appraise on the owls: [1d20+9] => [8,9] = (17)
(26212) Altharid: (heh a close one)
DMSoft: (the nicest owl there is Handsome)
DMSoft: (Sally's companion)
Baltasar greets Sally.
Baltasar: "So, we moved the library for you."
(26212) Altharid: (and the second best ?)
DMSoft: "So, Bor told me you did it."
DMSoft: (second best is any of the others at 500gp)
DMSoft: "okay, so here's some money"
Baltasar: "It was pretty difficult though, so we need a bit more than just money."
DMSoft: *she gives you the money, which i believe was 1500gp each
Baltasar: (( hold up with the rewarding, trying to negotiate ))
DMSoft: "oh, is that not enough?"
(26212) Altharid: "I would like to get an owl ya see"
DMSoft: "I can't give you any money…maybe and owl?"
Baltasar: "Yeah, we also need an owl for payment."
DMSoft: "Ah, which one do you want?"
Baltasar: "Unfortunately, that one."
Baltasar points at Handsome
DMSoft: "Oh…um…oh."
Baltasar: "He'll be extremely well taken care of."
(26212) Altharid: (hehe)
DMSoft: "well, I am a druid, and I can just summon a new one….."
DMSoft: "so, here you go"
DMSoft: *she gives you handsome, who is the size of gin's sister
Baltasar: "He'll well loved, and I'm sure you'll see him often, as the new owner will be sending messages frequently."
(26212) Altharid "Yeah whatever" - Altharid thinks
DMSoft: (so i assume you give gin the owl)
DMSoft: (need to do anything else?)
Baltasar hands the owl to Altharid, "hank you very much."
Baltasar: *Thank
Baltasar accepts the pay and splits it evenly between himself, Altharid, Bor, and Rydia
(26212) Altharid takes the owl
DMSoft: (1500 will also go to the 5th one, but not the gold from the books)
(26212) Altharid: "I wish I could break some of the Whisperer's bones"
Baltasar: "Do contact us if you need something else done, we're generally better at breaking things though, so maybe bear that in mind.
(26212) Altharid: "Lucky bastard"
Baltasar: (( what 5th one? ))
DMSoft: (the 5th player)
(26212) Altharid: (ermm which one precisely ?)
DMSoft: (karma)
Baltasar: (( karma didn't do the mission ))
DMSoft: (it doesn't affect your golds, don't worry)
Baltasar: (( just sayin' ))
DMSoft: (karma did 2 of the encounters)
(26221) Siam (enter): 19:29
(26212) Altharid: (ahh sorry forgot about this)
Baltasar bows toward Sally and heads out.
DMSoft: (and will get some exp)
DMSoft: *you are in the city…where to?
(26212) Altharid leaves this silly farm/owlery/whatever
Baltasar: "Gin's apparently buying a new house, so he'll be there."
DMSoft: *you find gin, with a bathrobe and a pipe.
DMSoft: *in a nice size house with a sign
Baltasar raises an eyebrow at the pipe.
Baltasar: "Aren't you a little young to be smoking?"
DMSoft: "hi, I'm rich now…so I have to act the part"
(26212) Altharid: "Smoking is bad for the internals by the way"
DMSoft: "here, let me pay you your money back for that thing."-he motions to the owl
(26212) Altharid "But you are so rotten inside that it would not affect you" - Altharid thinks
Baltasar accepts the money, "Watch out who you mock with this sort of joke. Many wouldn't be greedy enough or easy-going enough to not break your knees."
DMSoft: *you notice some lion guard soldiers approaching*
(26221) Siam (exit): 19:33
(26212) Altharid: (I did not say it !)
DMSoft: "Gin Lightfoot….we're here to take you in."
(26212) Altharid: (ahh I get it nevermind)
DMSoft: *they take Gin into custody. His sister looks on, the owl by her side*
Baltasar tries to stifle a snerk at this.
Baltasar: "Wait a second, officers."
DMSoft: "move along, nothing to see here."-lionguard
Baltasar: "Mind if I ask what he's being charged with?"
DMSoft: "yes, citizen."
DMSoft: "Fools gold is a serious crime."-officer
DMSoft: "he didn't give you any gold, did he?"
Baltasar raises his eyebrows, "Well, then I'm glad he paid me back with my own coins."
Baltasar checks what Gin just handed him. **
DMSoft: (he did pay you back with your own coins…)
Baltasar: (( appraise or know:arcane to determine it? ))
Baltasar: (( ahh, good ))
DMSoft: (you get the feeling that not being a pc is bad for him)
Baltasar: "Yes, mine's good."
(26212) Altharid: (:P)
DMSoft: (thus ends shadow of the library)

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