Seren Coltrane
Seren Coltrane
"Even Seren can be a bad-boy sometimes~<3 ;3 Mrawowr~!" "Raital? Why did you put this picture of me wearing I-don't-know-what up there?" "because its… HOT!~ Mroawr!~ *tackles and sinks her fangs into seren's neck in a moment of frisky-passion*"
Character Sheet: Link
Player: Ruduen
Race: Human (Advanced)
Class: Factotum 8/Factol 5
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Seren tends to be bright-eyed, and usually has a cheerful smile on his face. He's a little shorter and lighter than most humans, but his body looks to be in decent shape. His clothing is usually a little dusty, but he keeps his armor in working shape and his dagger available on his belt. His deep red hair is a bit disshelved, and he occasionally has a few specks of paint on his neck. Most times, he wears his traveling clothes, a plain, practical outfit that's a little loose on his body. His backpack is usually firm on his back, a few odd lumps occasionally showing from a rush packing job or his familiar hiding inside.   

Personality:  Seren usually has a cheerful demeanor, and tends to become interested whenever there's something new to be discovered or seen. He usually tries to be non confrontational, but can be provoked when it comes to his lifestyle or his familiar. However, when in combat or in a dangerous situation, Seren can be painfully pragmatic. He usually works to get the best result, preferring gentler means but easily willing to resort to rougher ones.

Background:  Seren lived with his family for most of his childhood, spending time on the farm. He was scouted out by a knight at an earlier age, and moved away for training. However, he grew dissatisfied with the process and left after an incident and argument with his mentor. He gathered what he could of his things before abandoning it, using the time to just wander the roads instead, occasionally trying to find some passing work before moving on. 

Membership: Member in the Crimson Steel.

Other Relationships: Friends with/sometimes hired by Rick Dodger. Friends with/sometimes hires Xess. Has worked with/is comfortable with Airy, Frozt. ??? with Raital.

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