Seeker Base


Despite its remoteness from the surface, the air in this facility is fresh and breathable. The steel-clad corridors are expertly designed, lit by glowing green orbs embedded from time to time in the walls. Though these halls lack any overt malevolence, there is an unsettling sense of…something completely unnatural.

In recent years the complex's been descending slowly into disrepair and at times facing the danger of Hive's infestation but such was averted on more than one occasion with its new resident (and overlord) being Yagiuma.


Deep under the Crew's Keep


The Seekers


Void - exists (?) in the desolate future counterpart of the location
Alexei Ivanov, deceased


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Those who Seek (part 2) 04-05-2012 The party investigates this facility, searching for documents to confirm the existence of a powerful weapon against the College, destroying many warforged before turning back to regroup.
2 Those Who Seek (part 3) 04-12-2012 The party realized that the complex is a manifest zone of a plane… in which the time itself is chaotic in its very nature.
3 Those Who Seek (part 4) 04-15-2012 Thanks to Bor's sublime techniques the party was able to descend to the well-hidden quintessence-storage level where they confronted GeoD and then… many other unexpected developments occurred.
4 Those who seek (part 5) 04-22-2012 The co-ordinated assault of both the party and Ivar's forces… made the warforged guardians fall back the another perimeter.
5 Those who seek (part 6a) 04-28-2012 The party re-routed the complexes power, the way to the core now open.
6 Those who seek (part 6b) 05-01-2012 The core's defenses was breached… the databank now to be analyzed…except not, at least the latter. A strange individual approached the party.
7 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 Igor Leviedev manipulated databank so that a great maelstorm ensured, great enough for The Eye from Beyond to peek inside the location. The place ceased to exist shortly thereafter (???).
8 Unveiling the Beyond (part1) 09-27-2012 For reasons yet to be determined the complex apparently survived the maelstrom… only partially at best though. The party experienced a sort of 'shift' to a more sinister version of the complex.
9 Unveiling the Beyond (part2) 10-27-2012 The team continued their exploration… through the complex. During another reality-shift they've encountered various horrors manifested as if… from someone's nightmare. One of those proved to be truly tenacious.
10 Unveiling the Beyond (part 3) 10-31-2012 The party captured a partially-insane member of the Claws of Orcus there only to experience another 'reality-shift' bringing them back to the 'desolate future' equivalent of the site where they confronted numerous living nightmares only to later run into the Nameless Fear once again.
11 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part1) 07-02-2013 Roughly 13 years later another party of adventurers entered the complex through a passage hidden in the warehouse storing various plant-derived goods. The site was found covered in a strange green gooish substance till Kimonto, in a moment of her randomness, activated the magical appliances of the site by employing her staff. The complex itself proved as erattic time-trait wise as… before and before the party knew it they stumbled upon a pair of giant carnivours plant creatures (to be continued). The complex's purpose was revealed by Overseer MKIII], according to whom it was meant to test durability of organic tissue to the currents of an erratic time zone environment.
12 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part2) 07-03-2013 The party continued their exploration and ended up getting warped into "desolate future", discovering the gruesome (and living) reminders of experiments taking place within as well as running into the apparent center of vein-alike infestation.
13 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part3) 07-04-2013 The team run into more powerful plant creatures in the central 'growth' chamber (mostly occuppied by a strange tree or perhaps root-like growth in its very center) only to later find themselves somewhere much deeper inside the complex after failing to notice deception of disguised Rosalia. After a failed attempt at negotiation mid-combat the team found themselves temporarily in the blasted, Desolate Future equivalent of the complex only to return back to the surface thanks to Kimonto employing 'empress rose'.
14 Implantation 07-10-2013 According to Rosalia the place had at least few still-functioning devices which employed crystallized starmetal, such caught Rick's interest.
15 Webs of Vanity (part3) ~ 08-20-2013 At this point the upmost level of the increasingly-renovated complex is to be considered the domain of Yagiuma's.
16 Clearing Up (part1) 10-02-2013 A fox hired adventurers to help her with the 'warforged menace' which originated from there and apparently sought to crawl back again into the cellar of hers which was apparently connected to the place via hidden trapdoor.
17 Clearing Up (part2) 10-11-2013 The warforged problem was solved. Brutally and efficiently… or perhaps in brutally efficient manner ?
18 ClearingUp(after hours) 10/16/2013 The event's setting.
19 Webs of Vanity (part6) 10/22/2013 The event's setting, for the most part.
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