Sedari Meadow

Among the many plains that cover the world of Hyan, The Sedari Meadow is well-known for it's
temperate climate which is quite beneficial for the surrounding ecosystem. Close around Dragonport,
The Sedari Meadow covers vast amounts of distance, strangely enough the mild weather and the
peaceful climate yet it harbor many natural dangers.

The Dangers of the Meadow

Many of the dangers is due to the fact that the Sedari Meadow has many natural resources that
allow plants and wildlife to survive and thrive. Wild aggressive animals are known to attack traveling
caravans but these events are usually dealt with by hiring adventurers or bodyguards to protect them.

Resources within the Sedari Plains

There are many resources that is found within the Sedari Plains, the soil is rich in minerals making
the Sedari Meadow quite habitual for farming and the various plants and wildlife offer many resources
for trade. Some of the common plants and things that can be found here, recorded by traveling apothecaries,
herbalist and medical practitioners.

Bitterweed Noted by: Kunar Der
Day 21 of Desnus (Year: xxxx):
Passing by this rather beautiful plains, with the common wildlife such as rabbits that skip about and the large
array of butterflies which dance about on this zephyr on a fine morning. About mid-way through my travels
I discover a very interesting plant, a small turf of grass with razor-blade like leaves which were covered in
small red spots that grows about 5 inches tall, I gather them in hopes of finding any use for them, after months
of researching with various other medicinal plants, trial and error and having some feedback with the sick. I have
noted to be extremely bitter to the point where if it wasn't prepared properly patients start to complain about
having stomach cramps and bowel problems which I rather not discuss, however the bitterness from the plant is
vital when preparing common medicine as the patients felt better when dealing with migraines, cold and general
nausea. I have also noted that among my travels with other environments, that there are sub-species as well but
the general description is as followed: They grow about 2-5 inches tall, having rather razor-blade like leaves that
can easily cause minor flesh wounds, having red spots on their leaves and having 3-petal flowers that range
from soft apple green to nightshade blue.

Luminous Fountain Grass Noted by: Aleria Altugle
Day 17 of Rova (Year: xxxx):
I was passing through the Sedari Meadow, being far behind schedule with my current group I had to rush in
order to be able to catch up to them. I notice that as I was traveling at night that pockets of grass gave of
soft hues of colors ranging from alabaster white to crystal blue, during the time I was recording this, the
grass was spreading it star-like seeds that glow the same hues of colors that it's parent. While they
do not have any medicinal properties, it does have some use when weaving the plant into spells that
produce various colors and lights, as it heightens the effects by just a small amount, expert casters would
know the different but I don't see the different but could be because I am not experience enough to know the
difference yet but at least I will be able give some general description of the grass so that someone else
could put it into good use. This sub-species of grass is known as Fountain Grass. which has feathery flower
heads that can easily be removed with a single gust of wind, growing about 30-57 centimeters in heights that
glow during about midnight with random array of colors which are usual bright, having star-shape seeds that
glow from it's parent plant.

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