Sealed Warehouse


A warehouse behind vault doors, located in a cave connected to the Dragonport Undercity. Given the consistent theme of candy within, it most likely belonged to Mali Ohba.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Into the Depths Part 2/Part 3 12/19/2013, 1/01/2014 Avrek and the party found the warehouse, and searched it for equipment that would help solve Dragonport's undead problem.
2 Into the Depths part4 01/09/2014 The party acquired valuable positoxin containers and ventured forth towards the alchemical laboratory to dissolve a seal barring access to the most valuable sample. In the lab chamber Avrek turned hostile shortly after arrival of a group of adversaries including aberrated humans (?) whose allegiance wasn't otherwise clear.
3 Into the Depths part5 01/18/2014 The party fought of their adversaries, recovering the positoxins in the process and leaving the site, so far clueless as far as the reason they were brought there by Avrek are concerned.
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