Scarf Chain

A scarf chain is a thin weighted chain sewn into a silk scarf (included in the price). It can be used like a spiked chain, and can be used as a garrote by wrapping it about an opponent’s neck. The scarf chain is an easily concealable weapon, as it
simply appears to be an ordinary silk scarf.

Upon making and maintaining a successful grapple attack with a scarf chain, follow the normal rules for suffocation. Creatures grappled with this weapon are not able to speak or shout (and casting spells requiring verbal components is impossible). Also while grappled by a scarf chain, a character takes the full weapon damage each round.

A scarf chain can also be used to make trip and disarm attacks, giving its wielder a +1 bonus to his opposed attack rolls.

Chain, scarf: 10 gp, 1d4/1d4, x3 crit, 1 lb., Slashing, Exotic One-Handed Weapon

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