Race: Corrupted Human
Class: Conjuer 3
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: A quite opportunistic (now-former) servant of Orcus versed in the act art of conjuration.

Former Membership: Claws of Orcus, rank unknown
Membership: Black Lions


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Unveiling the Beyond (part 3) 10-31-2012 Was found in a half-lunatic state in the seeker base site the party was exploring. With a mix of persuasion and angry dino-form snarling (*RAWR*) the cultist betrayed his former overlord in favor of the Black Lions which resulted in a 'brand'/curse affecting his now corrupted form (a parting 'gift' from Orcus it seems). The cultist, not used to such degree of corruption, fainted within moments allowing for easy capture.
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