Sant-La Claws

Race: Minotaur
Class: Minotaur
Alignment: CE-enchanted

Description: Sant-La Claws is an evil Minotaur who stalks the Krayzen Outscapes. Recently, he had fallen under the effects of a horrible spell. The effects of the spell led him into a psychosis and changed his color to bright red. The psychosis makes him believe he must give toys to the children of Dragonport. To do this, he started seeking out elves, because everybody knows elves get the best things. He mistook one of Snu Bull's wives for an elf and attempted to abduct her. Unfortunately, a wandering hero named Bor Heavychain heard the goblin screams, and thinking a woman was in danger, ran to the scene. Bor slayed Sant-La, for he had been looking for a minotaur and today was his lucky day.

Died to wandering adventurer


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Bor vs. Sant-La Claws 11-7-2011 Sant-La falls to Bor Heavychain
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