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Player: MjhX
Race: Lizardfolk
Class: Blue Mage 10
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Current Location: Dragonport

Appearance: A female lizardfolk wearing a blue dress and a scarf over her chest.
Personality: As a Blue Mage, Saneme loves the feeling of getting hit by spells, especially attack spells. She had some issues early on, but not so much nowadays.
Background: Saneme originally came from somewhere in the Serpent Mire. After she discovered her gift of blue magic by accident, she decided to explore the world to learn as many spells as possible. However, lately she kind of gave up on that due to the lack of hostile spellcasters (meaning her spells are generally either from allies or were bought).

Membership: N/A

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Spells Gained Spells Lost Description
1 Character Creation 5-22-2012 200 GP Traveler’s Outfit Cure Minor Wounds (0), Daze (0), Color Spray (1st)
2 Character Creation (buying) 5-22-2012 Backpack, Bedroll, Trail Rations x3, Traveler's Outfit, Light Crossbow, Crossbow Bolts x20, Masterwork Tool Spellcraft, Hooded Lantern, Oil Pints x3 94.4 GP
3 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 5-22-2012 1400 XP, Level 2 550 GP 2 Crossbow Bolts Bless (1st) Fought some orcs near Haven.
4 Goo and Order 5-23-2012 1150 XP 500 GP Grease (1st) Failed to avoid leaving Nagomu behind.
5 Wiki Updates 5-23-2012 125 XP Took credit for making Amigo's page.
6 The Capture of Claudius 5-23-2012 2500 XP, Level 3 3000 GP Failed a test to join the Vorloi Mercenary Army.
7 Downtime 5-24-2012 Cure Light Wounds Wand 780 GP Orb of Fire Lesser (1st), Burning Hands (1st), Cure Light Wounds (1st) Paid a novice wizard and a cleric to hit her with several spells, and took 10 on any Spellcraft checks. She also bought a wand while she was at it.
8 Downtime 5-26-2012 10 GP Shocking Grasp (1st) Paid the novice wizard for another spell, and took 10 on Spellcraft again.
9 Favor for an Archaeologist 5-26-2012 8100 XP, Level 5 2000 GP +1 Light Crossbow 1 Crossbow Bolt Irian's Light (2nd), Heroics (2nd) Fought some skales near a monument.
10 Downtime 5-26-2012 17.5 GP Light Crossbow Sold her old crossbow.
11 More Tabernacle RP 5-28-2012 Sending Stone Received a walkie talkie from Kamigawa.
12 Learning Spells 5-29-2012 Ice Storm (3rd), Slow (2nd), Hold Monster (3rd), Haste (1st), Darkbolt (2nd), Greater Mage Armor (3rd), Silence (1st) Arashi Taikou hit her with spells over two days so she could learn them.
13 Maximu...m Villainy 5-29-2012 3500 XP, Level 6 4000 GP Rode on and helped break a large boat.
14 Downtime 6-04-2012 Belt of Magnificence, Tome of Cha +5 Picked up a few free items from Peace.
15 Blood in the Water 6-04-2012 1670 XP 1800 GP Met Anders and fought some gunslingers and Rokugani on a boat.
16 Downtime 6-10-2012 50 GP Shield (1st) Bought a Shield potion and took 10 on Spellcraft.
17 Issues with Goblins 6-10-2012 1275 XP 2000 GP Helped a random man get his stuff back from some goblins.
18 Issues with Goblins 6-24-2012 1750 XP 1000 GP Failed a mission.
19 Ice Capades 6-24-2012 7500 XP, Level 7 7250 GP Watched Xavash investigate the lake near Emerald Isle.
20 Masbath Underdark 6-27-2012 4500 XP Middledark Map Got stuck underground, and followed a map back to the surface.
21 Wiki XP 6-28-2012 550 XP, Level 8 Grease Claimed wiki XP from Lothaenorixius, Blue Kobolds, Anders and Pops Mad Anchor. Oh, and discarded a *probably* illegal spell.
22 Downtime 6-28-2012 .9 GP 18 Crossbow Bolts Sold her ammo…she won't need it anymore.
23 Masbath Underdark 7-02-2012 11000 XP 10000 GP Defeated some orcs, and got information from one.
24 Downtime 6-28-2012 300 GP Magic Fang Greater, Dispel Magic Had some more spells cast on her, and took 10 on the needed Spellcraft checks.
25 Downtime 6-28-2012 Spell Component Pouch 455 GP Fireball, Thunderbolt, Water Breathing More spells. Also got something she should have already had.
26 Blood in the Streets 7-06-2012 7000 XP, Level 9 Coming soon… Plane Shift (5th) Defeated some orcs, and got information from one.
27 Downtime 7-22-2012 380 GP Freedom of Movement (4th) Bless, Color Spray, Magic Fang Greater Retraining and another spell…oh, and discarding spells she didn't need.
28 Downtime 7-30-2012 100 GP More retraining.
29 Downtime 7-31-2012 1290 GP Orb of Acid Lesser (1st), Orb of Acid (4th) Orb of Fire Lesser Getting more spells.
30 Downtime 8-03-2012 Wand of Divine Power (7 rounds) 21380 GP Got a wand and paid a cleric to use it on her. Oh, and retraining.
31 Downtime 8-13-2012 Cure Minor Wounds, Daze, Shield, Orb of Acid Lesser, Shocking Grasp Discarded some spells.
32 Downtime 9-30-2012 Orb of Acid, Divine Power Discarded more spells she probably shouldn't have had in the first place.
33 Downtime 11-03-2012 50 GP Retraining yet again.
34 Ranks in Line Part 2 11-22-2012 3200 XP 3847.7 GP 1 Oil Pint Carried the party through one encounter.
35 The Trappings Of Part 2 11-23-2012 4118 XP 31880 GP All hell broke loose.
36 Tavern RP 11-24-2012 Polymorph (4th) Got a spell from Hyde.
37 The Legend of Saevox 11-25-2012 7088 XP Dimension Door (4th) Melee is not her strong suit.
38 Desert Moonlight 11-29-2012 5626 XP, Level 10 10000 GP Never trust a group of people you can't kill in one turn.
39 Secret Wars 2 12-07-2012 Was about to join, but declined at the last minute.
40 Another Dream World 12-21-2012 6400 XP Blindfold of True Darkness, Ring of Force Armor Fibonacci numbers FTW.
41 The Legend of Saevox Part 2 1-04-2013 5750 XP 10000 GP Sure, it's not her best ability, but it turned out her melee is still useful enough in a pinch.
42 Shopping 2-01-2013 Potion of Glibness (immediately consumed), Necklace of Natural Weapons +1 x3 8850 GP Glibness (3rd) Got some stuff. Probably spent an AP on learning the spell.
43 Forgot Something 3-30-2013 Scarf 1 GP Can't believe I didn't add this earlier.
44 Shades and Shackles Part 4 3-30-2013 500 XP Achieved nothing this time, sadly.
45 Shades and Shackles Part 5 3-31-2013 1500 XP 2 Oil Pints Gave up and left.
46 Shopping 4-15-2013 Cure Light Wounds Wand, Detect Magic Wand, Read Magic Wand 1500 GP Got more wands.
47 Shopping 11-15-2013 Cloak of Resistance +5 25000 GP Lightning Bolt Got a defensive item, and discarded a spell.
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