Race: Human
Class: Unknown
Alignment: Unknown


The owner of The Smoking Gnu

Sam has the best knowledge of Haven then perhapsanyone else alive. He has been known to give adventurers highly profitable/useful tips if befriended correctly.


Special Item Availability: Sam can grant a "Tip From Sam": These snippets of information grants the individual unique abilites or some form of profit. Pilgrims of gain far and wide have come to Sam in search of his advice.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 5-22-2012 see game
2 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 3 01/06/2012
3 Haven Plots: Haven Under Attack! 08-21-2012 The adventurers spend time in discussion with Sam,he gives them some rather useful tips.
4 Haven Plots: Elria is Missing Part 1 08-25-2012 Sam proves his use,but at a steep price.
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