Race: Fey (???)
Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic ???


Seelie Court

Aloethia, elder sister


# Adventure Date Actions
1 'Verdant Quest' 09-13-2013/12-03-2013 Daikaji met the fey at Elric's Bay and allowed her to act like as a 'passenger', as the fey ended up being bound into a small figurine of a dancing sprite. Sallasiv's pleaded to have her brought back into the Fey Mound Lake so that the land of which she was a protector could be healed from the corruption of someone related to her. For that she would need to renew her connection to the land first. Within Fey Mound Lake she run into her elder sister, Aloethia, who was not the most pleased with her arrival. The poor relations between the siblings could be owed to to the fact that Sallasiv, at one time, ended up being 'almost' seduced by a member of the Unseelie court and as a result of such had the entire Unseelie court endangered.
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