Sacchin Knowledge

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Race: Young Element-Infused Evolved Magic Blooded Dread Lich (major fey bloodline) Lesser Cansin
Class: Domain Wizard 2/bloodline 1/Domain Wizard 3/bloodline 1/Incatatrix 3/Iniciate of the seventh veil 3/bloodline 1/Iniciate of the seventh veil 3
Alignment: Lawfull Evil

Appearance: Her hair and eyes are purple, and has many ribbons tied to her hair and other body parts. She wears pajama-like clothing and a night-cap. She wears a Sanskrit "Hum" on her hat.

Personality: She doesn't have a very proactive personality, but rather always walks her own path. However, she's always interested where knowledge is concerned and will proactively go and try to acquire it. She does everything by the book, but still makes a lot of mistakes. She's also described as very dark and taciturn. Belives that knowlef will lead to power and understanding, witch she prorizes above all. A iconsequentialist at heart.

Background: Sacchin hails from the plane of Niflheim. Beeing anemic since birth she struggled in the vampiresque state. Despite her weak constition she had a considerable mental prowness, beeing choosen as a maiden of company for the young heiress of the Latral Clan,Raital.
Although the ammount of bites wasnt good for her anemia that was a luck position for one of her birth. With time her love for magic and her dark personality, made her pass long times of isolated researching magic in the libraries of the Latral Manor as the misstress grew older.

After years of devoted magical research her obssecion eventualy lead her to discard her "birth body" in a atenpt to be closer to magic. She performed a self-elaborated rite of lichdom witch was regarded as an elaborated deed. She earned the position of Lore Keeper on the clan, a position in name only but allowed her to keep her research in peace.

Latral Clan

The Unmoving Great Library
The Girl of Knowledge and Shadow

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Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 07/02/2012 - 200 Librarian's Card - -
2 Merchon Diplomacy 2 07/02/2012 1200 - - - -
3 Merchon Another retirement and rebuld thread 07/02/2012 ECl 18 WBL 15 Headband of Vast Intelligence,Blessed book,Ion Stone(Orange),Tome of clear thought,belt of amgnificence,Cloak of Resistance +5,Ring of evasion,Ring of mettle,+18 mundane spellcraft - Rebuild done to make to evil games.
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