Ryo Kakita

Race: Human
Class: Warblade
Alignment: Neutral

A rebel and free spirit he always was, so unfitting for Rokugan indeed. It didn't take long for Ryo to end up following the path of a Ronin, exiled from his clan for something he did not even recognize as insult but… after all mastering the sublime edge at such young age only brought jealousy from his peers, masters and clan members. It took little time for Ryo to end up humiliating someone who was simply not meant to be defeated by the likes of him.
With a faint smile, which covered a deep satisfaction, he left for those western lands where he would put his talent to great use.
The Duke of death paid well but his gut feeling made him chose the other side of the conflict. Money cannot buy all after all.
His mastery of the sublime earned him dreadful reputation and many challengers were soon after his head…
There is a time for bravery, there is a time for cold, calculated approach…
If he only knew how, if he only knew how…


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Doomcape exploration (part5) 02-15-2013 One of the 'doomed souls of the past'. Seren Coltrane assumed this identity during the Darnten Siege.
2 Doomcape Exploration (Darnten Siege, part 3) 02/22/2013 The demise of 'his' was averted due to Serene's actions.
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