Rydia Buster Chatlog

DMSOFT is MALI in this chat log

Rydia: hi Mali
Mali: Hi rydia
Mali: got time to do your intiation?
Rydia: yup
Altharid: (hi Rydia)
** Rydia steps forward, standing tall and proud. Draco is at herside.
Rydia: (hi Al)
Mali: I just have to request something that you're gonna get, but i'll give it to you and explain it to you anyway. It's for joining the guild
Mali: "Ah, Dragon Caller, what is your name."-Glory
Rydia: kk
Mali: *the entire ensemble is silent, waiting with baited breath*
Rydia: "Rydia Darkstone"
Rydia: "This is Draco, my Eidolon"
Mali: "Darkstone, is that your Family name?"-Glory
Mali: *perception check, dif 10*
Mali: "I am Draco, I will protect Rydia"-Draco(you may play draco with a voice now)
Rydia: "That is what my adopted father said my parents went by" perception [1d => [3,1] = (4)
Draco (Eidolon): (kk)
Mali: (draco can also make a perception)
Draco (Eidolon): draco percep [1d => [19,4] = Mali: *Draco see what he knows to be a baby dragon climbing up the side of Glory Bookheart.*
Mali: http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/wurmling-pewey
Mali: (he can inform rydia if he wants.)
Draco (Eidolon) looks at the dragon "Mistress Rydia, she has a dragon"
Mali: "Ah, we will record that the Darkstone family has blessed us with a Dragon Caller"-glory*she doesn't seem to notice the dragon
Mali: "Shhhh! Don't tell her I'm here."-the baby dragon says to draco.
Mali: "Did you say something Draco?"-glory to draco
Rydia looks "Madam Bookheart, Draco has informed me….." *Draco stops her from continuing*
Mali: *the baby dragon now sits on Glory's head.*
Draco (Eidolon): "No maam, I am sorry."
Mali: "Okay then, is there anything else you would like to tell us before the Ceremony begins?"-Glory
Mali: *The baby dragon is making funny faces at the crowd.*
Mali: "I am the high priestest, you must follow my order!"-the baby dragon says, but nobody seems to notice him
Rydia: "I Am ready" *The two stand tall, Draco does all he can not to laugh at the baby dragon*
Mali: *rydia and draco both see the dragon now btw*
Rydia stifles a laugh
Mali: "Okay, repeat after me:"-Glory starts saying something in draconic
Mali: "I shall not fear.
Fear stems from the unknown.
Knowledge destroys the unknown.
Knowledge conquers fear.
I shall seek knowledge.
In the seeking I shall ascend."-glory says
Mali: *the others begin repeating in draconic
Rydia repeats everything Glory says in Draconic as well. Draco speaks at the same time. "I shall not fear. Fear stems from the unknown. Knowledge destroys the unknown. Knowledge conquers fear. I shall seek knowledge. In the seeking I shall ascend.
Mali: *the little dragon says something after you say this.
Mali: "Say, Pewey-Day-Est-Bestie-Day"
Rydia and Draco say "Pewey-Day-Est-Bestie-Day" knowing it will amuse the small dragon.
Mali: *the entire hall shouts a deafening roar of excitement*
Mali: *the baby dragon laughs. "Hooray! Now say "Pewey el-establick den sumbrunder"
Mali: *some of the librarians faint and glory seems shocked
Rydia looks at the dragon "alright, Pewey el-establick den sumbrunder"
Mali: *Glory and all present bow before you and draco*
Mali: *the baby dragon jumps off her head and approaches draco
Mali: *the hall is silent
Draco (Eidolon): "Whats going on? Why are you bowing? I'm just saying….." *Draco stops her and looks at the dragon*
Rydia: "Whats going on? Why are you bowing? I'm just saying….." *Draco stops her and looks at the dragon*
Draco (Eidolon): "Yes little one?"
Mali: "Thank you for playing with me, I love to play!"-baby pewey
Draco (Eidolon): "I love to play too, Rydia and I are still young." *Draco smiles*
Mali: *the baby dragon moves away…then suddenly runs strait at draco*
Mali: *rydia sees a light, almost blinding*
Rydia: "Madam Bookheart, why does everyone bow?"
Mali: *the baby dragon crashes into draco*
Rydia looks away from the light
Mali: *and draco vanishes*
Mali: "Oh my, what happened to Draco?"-Glory
Draco (Eidolon): 'Draco! Where are you?!" *she tries to resummon him*
Mali: "We bow to the Dragon Speaker"
Mali: *the entire congress watches as you summon draco.
Draco (Eidolon): "Dragon speaker……I was saying it for a small dragon…..he ran at draco and they dissappeared…."
Rydia: "Dragon speaker……I was saying it for a small dragon…..he ran at draco and they dissappeared…."
Mali: "Oh, we are very interest in what is happening. You speak for our god."-Glory
Mali: "What a Glorious week this has been. First Baltasar Malich, and now Rydia Darkstone have had direct contact with Pewey!"-Glory
Rydia: "What? that dragon is your god?" *Rydia sits, not knowing what happened after she summoned her friend*
Mali: *you resummon Draco, but he different*
Mali: *he is adorned in armor
Rydia looks draco over, admiring the armor
Mali: "It's a sign! Pewey De Est Tine!"-Glory shouts after you summon draco
Rydia: "Wh….what happend? where did you go? where is the baby dragon? A sign?"
Mali: *the order begin bringing out armor for the new recruits*
Mali: "I returned home…He wants to help us. He said their is danger ahead."-Draco
Mali: *there
Mali: "Harold Bloodlink, Stepforward."-Glory says and a librarian steps forward
Mali: *She hands him a chain shirt and a dastana
Rydia: "Danger….if he wants us to help….we will. We will be brave and face it together"
Draco (Eidolon) stands tall and proud, his armor glistening in the light
Mali: *everyone in the hall except for the recruits are looking at you and ignoring the rest of the ceremony
Mali: *glory begins going down the line of the rest of the recruits.*
Mali: *eventually she makes it to you and draco.
Rydia looks at the rectuits and everyone, her arms around Draco
Mali: "Rydia Darkstone, I offer you the honorary armor of a Knowledge Buster."-glory
Mali: *she hands the armor to Rydia. It is very heavy.*
Mali: *it is a chain shirt and dastana
Rydia stands "I accept Madam Bookheart." *she takes it, almost falling. "But do you have anything lighter?"
Mali: *when rydia mentions lighter, a strange thing starts happening
Mali: *the armor changes to mithril before everyone's eyes. The symbol of pewey glows on the armor*
Rydia stares at it "Thank you Madam Bookheart, I will wear it proudly
Mali: "Today is full of surprises. It seems Pewey approves of this Dragon Caller!"-Glory yells and the hall roars
Mali: *the ceremony ends
Rydia dons the armor, standing tall with Draco by her side "Draco tells me there is danger Maam….we will face it bravely together"
Mali: *you see Hiroshi Ohba
Mali: "Young lady, you are truly blessed."-hiroshi
Rydia looks to Hiroshi and smiles "Blessed? How?"
Mali: "Pewey has offered to help you, and so shall I."-Hiroshi
Mali: *hiroshi calls to a knowledge buster who comes forward.
Mali: "Take this."-Hiroshi hands a bag of gold to Rydia
Rydia: "Pewey…thats the name of your god…the little dragon? isnt that also what you call the book system here?"
Rydia takes the bag "Thank you"
Rydia: "I dont know what to say….this is all more than I expected…."
Mali: "yes, he invented it. He did grow up to become a fine Greater Worm. For some reason he decides to take teh form of a wurmling"
Mali: (gold is gp)
Mali: "So, Rydia, do you wish to begin training?"-Hiroshi
Rydia: "Yes, very much so Master Ohba"
Mali: *He beckons you to join him and his wife, Glory
Rydia walks to them, hesitantly at first but then works up the courage to stand next to them
Mali: "We shall begin with combat training."-glory
Rydia: "C..combat….alright"
Mali: *you notice you are in a practice room and the 5 new recruits are there
Mali: "Attack this target draco!"-Glory (Target is AC 10)
Rydia: "Draco attack!" *Draco rushes in and bites the target [1d => [1,3] = (4)
Rydia: (eeep)
Mali: "That's why it's called training."-glory
Mali: "Again!"
Mali: *you think draco is not used to the armor
Draco (Eidolon) slaps at his with his tail [1d => [1,3] = (4)
Draco (Eidolon): then tries his claws [1d => [4,3] = (7)
Mali: "Again!"-Glory is not impressed
Draco (Eidolon): *Rydia focuses and has draco attack with his claws and bite* Claw 1 [1d => [3,3] = (6) Claw => [16,3] = (19) Bite [1d => [16,3] = (19)
Mali: *draco claw swipes and bites the target
Mali: "You still need practice, but at least you hit it this time."
Mali: "You're up Rydia"
Rydia: "I….have no weapon"
Mali: *glory calls over a knowledge buster
Mali: "give Rydia your scimitar please
Mali: *the buster hands you a curved sword
Mali: "try this, let me know if you like it."-glory
Rydia takes the sword, holding in both hands…it feels unwieldly in her grip though she tries to hit the target [1d => [10,-5] = (5)
Mali: (rydia is not proficient and takes a -4)
Rydia: (yup, thats the -5 lol)
Mali: "maybe something smaller and simpler"-glory
Rydia: "Yes….I would like that"
Mali: *the buster goes away and comes back with a simple quarterstaff
Mali: *he hands it to you and takes the scimitar
Rydia tries to attack with the staff (having no proper training would i still suffer the -4?)
Mali: (it's simple, no penalty)
Rydia: attack [1d => [ = (1)
Rydia tries again [1d => [16,-1] = (15)
Mali: *after empts, rydia finally hits the target
Mali: "That was very good. Have you ever handled a weapon before?"-glory
Rydia breathes heavily "No, never….i've never wanted to."
Mali: "I think a dagger perhaps?"-Hiroshi
Mali: *hiroshi hands you his dagger
Mali: (also simple)
Rydia takes it and tries once more [1d => [6,-1] = (5)
Rydia: (shes just not physically strong)
Mali: (you hit it)
Mali: (dagger was +5)
Rydia: (ahhh)
Mali: "looks like you still need training"
Mali: "may I have my dagger back"
Rydia hands it back
Mali: *Hiroshi makes a motion to a buster
Mali: *the buster returns, holding a mithril dagger
Mali: *he hands you the dagger
Mali: "try this one."-hiroshi
Rydia takes it and tries to hit the target [1d => [10,-1] = (9) **
Mali: "Technique has improved."
Rydia: "A little easier, thank you. Still have a lot to learn" *tries again [1d => [19,-1] = (18)
Mali: (what's your dex mod?)
Rydia: (+7146) Mali: (you hit with that feycraft dagger then
Rydia: (ahhh cool)
Mali: "I can loan you this weapon, but you must do me a favor"-Hiroshi
Mali: "I am looking for something in or around dragonport."-Hiroshi
Rydia: "I'll help with anything you want" *beams, feeling useful*
Mali: "I am looking for the Trifecta of the Dragon Heart."-Hiroshi
Mali: "The problem is, even if you find it, I do not know if you can return it to me."-Hiroshi
Rydia: "What is it?"
Mali: "It is pure essence of the Dragon Heart."-Hiroshi
Mali: "You would need some kind of Dragon construct to move it."-Hiroshi
Rydia: "I will do whatever I can to move it. Maybe there is a way to build the construct"
Mali: "I leave this task up to you…take the dagger now as prepayment. There will also be greater reward if you succeed."
Mali: "I believe the training is done for this week. You are free to leave."-GLory
Rydia: "Thank you Master Ohba." *Rydia leaves and tries to find Mali*
Mali: *Mali finds Rydia outside the library.
Mali: "Wow, that was an exiting ceremony!"
Mali: "Baby Cakes played with you even!"
Rydia: "Baby Cakes? the small dragon?"
Mali: "He's such a cutey!"
Mali: "yeah, I can't believe you saw him. My parents don't believe me when I tell them I can see him."
Rydia: "Yes he is. Your dad trained me in a little combat and gave me a dagger….but I have to find the Trifecta of the Dragon Heart"
Mali: "Oh, that, Um, I was gonna try to find it too."
Rydia: "Is it true that he is a god?"
Mali: "Pewey is just a spirit I think."
Mali: "i tried worshipping him for divine power, but he only gave me combat skills."
Rydia: "Oh i see. What is the Trifecta of the Dragon Heart. Your dad said its the pure essence of the Dragon heart. but what is it exactly?
Mali: "the other clerics and my mother get powers from him."
Rydia: 'Combat skills? really?"
Mali: "Oh, It's an old holy symbol I think. I was so excited when I saw Seeker. He should be able to move it."
Rydia: "Seeker?"
Rydia: "if its a holy symbol why would it need a construct?"
Mali: "Yes, he's a dragon construct. Let's go back to the guild hall and I can show you a picture."
Rydia: "oh ok. lets go
Mali: "To move it, silly. It's a holy symbol for a Dragon God's avatar, not a normal person."
Mali: *Mali leads Rydia back to the crane's hall
Kajhera (exit): 15:41
Rydia: "Oh i see." *Follows Mali back to the Crane's hall*
Mali: *Mali shows Rydia the portrait of seeker*
Mali: "Wow, look at how decked out you are!"-Mali notions to rydia's knowledge buster getup
Rydia: "Wow , think we can get him to move it?…….Yea, after Draco returned he told me there is great danger coming. We both need to be ready to face it"
Mali: "Danger? There's always danger in this city. I just recently lost my mind from inhaling magic smoke. The party had to drag me back home."
Mali: "So, any indication of what type of danger?"
Rydia: "None that i know of"
Rydia: "must be big if baby cakes warned draco"
Mali: (so, I think that's a good place to stop. You get 1500 xp for becoming a knowledge buster. Pewey Barding, which I will request and is progressive mage armor for eidolon. p, and mythril dastana/chainshirt. And a mythril feycraft dagger.)

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