Ruthar, The Pillager, Goreward

Race: Human (?)
Class: Focused Evoker (?) / Force Missile Mage
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: Ruthar, 'the Pillager', Goreward used to be one of the most infamous evokers to ever grace/curse the city of Doors and the planes itself with his presence. Capricious, rash and ultimately all too prone to simply blast whatever was in his path before even considering a more peaceful resolution made him earn ire of numerous, at times *quite* influential, folk of the multiverse.
It is still not entirely clear what made meet find his final (?) end. Some suspect that it was a downright refusal not to rely on his signature line of spells.

Janus Goreward- son



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Oil and More 07/12/2013 His last will was read at Grand Arbiter Hall. Even in death the impulsive behavior of the late Mr Goreward manifested itself in a form of magic missile barrages aimed now at then at the gathered.
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