Player: []
Race: Tiefling (Daemon spawn)
Class: Eldritch scoundrel unchained rogue
Alignment: Chaotic/good

Appearance: Ruby is a young 17 years girl. But even if she mostly look like a human, she has a red skin, a 4 feet prehensile tail, a pair of horns above her forehead and goat-like hooves. She has two malicious eyes color honey, and her ears are pretty elven-like and very flexible. She usually wears clothes that makes her feel pretty, but are still practical and doesn't restrain her movements. She always wear some jewels, especially a big silver pendant with a sapphire in it. Her tail is giving her a hard time with normal clothes so she wears custom pants and tongs to feel at ease.
Age: 17
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 110lbs

Personality: Cheerful, smiling, and happy being. She always try to be the most lovable possible, acting cute with boys and friendly with girls. She loves compliments and likes to draw attention when she does something. She is caring with the people she likes and hates solitude. She loves cakes and candies, and always carries a box containing her sweet favorite delicacies. Ruby is a fearful person though and is easily impressed. She is childish, stubborn and never looses an occasion to mock or prank the people she doesn't like. Her worst flaw is her kleptomania, she cannot restrain herself from stealing as she find too much excitement in it, and it's not THAT bad right ?

Background: Ruby Magnolia was born as a normal child in a huge mansion. She was the heir of a powerful and influential Duke, a very strict and exigent man who was not known to be cruel and merciless against those who disappoint him. Since her birth, Ruby was treated like a princess. She never lacked anything and was cherished and loved by her mother.
But one day, few after she turned 8 years old, something started changing in her. In the matter of a day her skin turned red, a long tail was starting to grow on her back, two little horns were emerging out of her forehead and hooves replaced her feet.
This was a catastrophe, little Ruby was becoming a Tiefling, and these changes occurring in her were the manifestation of her lineage. The scum of the human race, proof of a past relation with fiends. But worse, for the Duke, this was the irrefutable proof of his ancestor's demonic pacts that led his dynasty into becoming one of the most well known and powerful family of the entire continent.
To prevent any information spreading about this terrible truth, the Duke said he will send his daughter abroad in a convent to isolate her, on the pretext that she had contracted a terrible illness. The same night, Ruby was put in a small carriage for a destination far away she didn't even knew.
But on the second night of the travel, the carriage got attacked by bandits. The groom received an arrow in the chest and the horses went crazy, running at full speed on the road for dozens of meters. Ruby took this chance, gathering the little courage she had, and jumped out off the carriage, landing in a little hole surrounded by brambles.
Shaking with fear and pain, she heard the criminals approach the carriage and searching for something. Then one of them shouted: "Damn it ! Where is she ? The Duke told us she would be in this convoy. Find her out, quick, we need to kill her to finish the job".
She took some time to realize what he just said, but the truth finally hit her, her father just sent her to her death, ashamed he was to have a monster for a daughter.
She passed the two next hours not moving, holding her tears until they left. Afraid they would discover her shelter.
After escaping the little hole that saved her life, she walked past the road. She had nowhere to go, nothing to eat, her clothes were torn apart and she had countless cuts on her skin due to the brambles needles. She abandoned herself to tears. She reached a village after a day of walking. She managed to sell her shoes for a small purse of gold and took a carriage that led her to a big city. Always hiding as she could her red skin and horns, ashamed of what she was. She wanted to put the most distance between her and her father, to survive, she would hide here, in this city.
When she run out of money, hungry and desperate, she started stealing. Nobody wanted to give a job to a Tiefling scum, or even give her a single coin.
She discovered she had a real talent as a thief, and somehow became addicted to it. After years of stealing for survival, she became kleptomaniac, unable to refrain her urge to steal for more than a few days, even if she doesn't particularly needs anything.
Ruby spent the rest of her childhood in this same city, despite the people here rejecting and hating her for what she was, a Tiefling scum. But despite that, she wanted to believe that her exotic appearance was not a curse and that there would be people someday, who will like her for what she is.
At the age of 17, she had to leave the city. A robbery turned bad for her as she got too greedy and tried to steal something from a representative of the city. This bad idea led her to be chased by the entirety of the city guards. She managed to escape by the sewers with just her equipment and backpack.
In the end she thought it was not that of a big deal anyway. She now seeks for adventure, tired of being settled in the same place. Maybe she'll manage to make some friends…

Membership: None, she's free as the wind

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 3 May 2016 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -186.6 Backpack, Spellbook, Blanket, Spell component pouch, Bedroll, Thief's tools, Armored Kilt, 1 dagger, 20 bolts, Light crossbow, Rapier, Ruby's personnal box of candies and chocolate
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