Search for the Destructive Contruct and April Fools

DATE: 04/01/2012



Dragon Port

Kamigawa, YanWoo

500 XP

Chat Log:
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Light heard about the recent destruction at the Nexus and went to investigate it when he found YanWoo possessing a sledgehammer. Being bombarded with her bad jokes, they both go investigate on who and what caused this destruction. Light came to conclusion that it might have been a construct that somehow appeared from the sky without a trace. Being contantly teased and joking towards light, the investigation ended up to a dead end. Deciding that he will look into it later, Light asks YanWoo on what kind of gift he should give to Rin. Not hoping for any good answer, YanWoo surpises Light by telling him "why not get her a Tail Ornament?"

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