Race: Alraune (?)
Class: Sorceress10 (Verdant Bloodline)
Alignment: Neutral Possesssssive (almost leaning towards evil)

Description: Rosalia is an plant being focused on acquisition of the finest quality thralls/servants/pets so as to impress and ultimately defeat her similarly-minded 'sisters'. Vain, somewhat clueless about moral norms in spite of apparently being quite capable of masking her true nature under layers of both sweet words and illusions.

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part3) 07-04-2013 Rosalia was encountered first while disguised as an elven druid shortly after the team cleared up the 'growth chamber' of, as it turned out later, plant servants, managing to bluff them into following a portal created in the mysterious tree in the center. The being unveiled her whole plan during the 'final test' she prepared for the party so as to prove whether they are worthy becoming her serfs. Obviously the test's participants weren't truly all that pleased with learning of such in the very first place. Though hostilities were averted the Alraune was not truly amused to have her offer rejected after all those long years of preparation (as apparently she was responsible for stalking Kimonto for a longer while). In desperation she apparently activated the self-destruction mechanism of the Complex she was inhabating but before the party found their demise there a reality shift occurred, warping them into the Desolate Future equivalent of the place… and back to their own 'time' moments after Kimonto used 'Empress Rose'. This time the team emerged right in the midst of the Floral Festival and promptly captured Rosalia now that they knew the disguise she had employed before. Thanks to the party's co-operation the capture was next-to effortless and the being conceded, resigning to the whatever fate the evi…. do-gooders would bestow upon her.
2 Implantation 07-10-2013 Rosalia was approached by Rick Dodger and the gang who had her planted near his office and… warded by a series of fire-based wards provided by One generous patron. Kimonto's 'questioning' ultimately defeated the otherwise somewhat still-stalwart plant creature who revealed all bits of intel the party sought. The encounter with kitsugate was so traumatic that the alraune is yet to emerge back from her flower.
3 Counter-corruption 7-17-2013 Pleaded Yagiuma into recovering the saplings of hers which she didn't get a chance to recover from her former home. Rewarded the fox with knowledge of mental passwords required to operate the machinery contained therein.
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