Race: Human
Class: Factotum 16
Alignment: LN

Description: Cold and aloof, Roku is the "Adjuster" of the Dragon Slayers. Her resemblance to Mali Ohba is uncanny to say the least. This is probably because they are first cousins.

Roku is the "bastard" daughter of Griswol and Radiance Bookheart. At a young age, she discovered that she was clan-less due to her mother and father's love. She blames dragons for this since the Bookheart Clan prizes their blood above all others. Roku set off on her own and eventually fell in with The Dragon Slayers. She knows the secret dragon weakness and has studied it to great effect (breached shivering touch).

Dragon Slayers


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Dragon Slayer Operations 11-25-2011 Disposed of Kranimatraxius with mysterious Factotum powers.
2 Octagon 5 1-27-2012 managed farris blackclaw and roc in the octagon
3 Octagon 6 2-3-2012 offered coin in exchange for information about the Octagon
4 Neran joins 2-10-2012 took neran-swifthoof to kill a baby green dragon
5 Find the Crew! 4-14-2012 Stalked Kamigawa until he revealed the location of some dragons
6 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 10 8-14-2012 Fought along side with Lightbringer in order to stop the party from getting to Ra-Men, the one who sought to destroy dragonkind as whole. Sought to convince Gato to hand her the 'Trifecta' Gato so she could destroy the draconic 'symbol of pride' and create her own clan from her success. Light knocked her out not wanting to slay her.
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