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Player: MjhX
Race: Blue Kobold
Class: Gunslinger 22
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Current Location: Kobold Settlement

Appearance: A blue kobold wearing sundark goggles, shorts from a traveler’s outfit and may be carrying varying amounts of guns.
Personality: He generally tends to worry about things despite having reasons not to.

Background: Roc was originally a servant of a dragon like many kobolds, but he really didn’t like that lifestyle, and the dragon tended to be really harsh (sometimes abusive) to those who didn’t like that life of servitude (even though he was controlled by Moc at the time), so…one day he ran off, taking a sword and some goggles with him. He doesn't remember much about the events before his escape.
After a little moving around, Roc found a gunsmith and learned a few things about firearms. He kind of botched his first gun a bit (and he forgot everything about gunsmithing until recently), but he quickly learned to load a gun in a third of the usual time.
Roc used to make a living by looking for either odd jobs, or adventuring groups that might need help with their missions, and making money off of that. However, after he incurred the wrath of Dragonport, that isn't really practical anymore, although he still tries every once in a while. He used to wonder if his former master was still looking for him, but he kind of forgot about that over time…until one mission forced him to come back.
Currently he is performing various functions at the Kobold Settlement. He's not entirely happy about it, though…

Membership: The Silver Cranes, Sunless Kobolds, Champions of Io, Blue Kobolds

Achievements: (Yeah, totally an old shame, but oh well.)
PIED PIPER (from The Veiled Society Pt 1): Convince some kobolds to follow the party and sacrifice animals instead of people.
WE SURRENDER SUCKERS (from Venture into the Underdark Pt 1): Get defeated by some goblinoids, and then kill them all while another player tries to negotiate with them.
PIPER FAIL (from The Veiled Society Pt 2): Forget to bring the kobolds along to the next mission.
IMPLAUSIBLE AMMUNITION (from The Veiled Society Pt 2): Hit about 20 enemies with one Desperado (an attack which expends 10 bullets).
HEY LISTEN (from Into the Great Unknown Pt 3): Interact with a sentient magic item (Duke) for the first time.
IMPOSSIBLE AMMUNITION (from Into the Great Unknown Pt 3): Hit about 50 enemies with one Desperado.
WE JUST PUNCHED OUT CTHULHU (from The Lost City): Get a critical hit on a headshot, hitting Zargon for 216 damage and allowing the party to defeat him before his first turn.
(GATO) ATE A MEAN KOBOLD (from Octagon Pt 6): Use Intimidate to get out of paying a toll.

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