Character Sheet
Player: Duralan
Race: Advanced Magic-Blooded Changeling
Class: Formbound Surger 4
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Most of the the time Riku appears to be a petite …somewhat androgynous in appearance - youngster. Kind of unusual clothes bearing shades of green and olive, mostly attributed to those from the lands south of the Khierna Kingdom, cover his (?) body. Then again all of that may be subject to change within moments thanks to his (?) inherited prowess.

Personality: Playful, whimsical, childish and easily bored. Riku's a natural wanderer always eager to just try to seek what dwells behind the horizon… Boredom's his (?) greatest enemy. In fact if not for such attitude of his then perhaps nothing would change in his (?) relatively short live.

Background: 'Orphaned' in mysterious circumstances by one of his parents… a changeling 'becomer' who left him in care of a surprised hermit living his unusual, tranquil…well up to that point of course life. From his foster parent the young changeling learned some basic ways of those revering the nature but it so appears that the child inherited mostly, if not solely its momentarily unpredictability. The only thing that kept Riku connected to the druid was… his ability to change shape (which the kiddo simply adorrrred). When the youngster managed to somewhat master his own minor ability of similar nature he left after briefly thanking for all that he (?) has experienced so far. It was fun after all ! In the meantime (by mistake , how else ?) the aspiring master of bodily-alterations befriended one… particularly large fox (named 'Sophie') who apparently had a similar penchant for whimsicalness as his current master… And so the duet set of for the adventure and the great unknown of the foreign lands !

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 06-26-2012 1300 +200 Traveler’s Outfit XP gained from wiki-work
2 Character Creation (buying) 06-26-2012 -1225 QuarterStaff, Mithral Chain Shirt + Dastana + Chahair-Ana + Tonlet, Std adventurer's kit.
3 Burn the House down 06-25-2012 +800 -1,5 Woke up in jail. Sophie won't tell me anything about it ? … Well at least it was fu…n… up to the point when SOMETHING (for a lack of the better word ~_~) chewed upon… a dragon. *feels guilty for ordering roasted dragon with fried up illithid tentacles*. Squidy was superb though. Old man-warned me about the outsiders being strange - but now I understood ! He was jealous of them not being such a bore of a man -_-. I am missing the waterfall. Sophie not so much.
4 A fox and her mark 06-26-2012 (Acted as an NPC) saved by Nightmare after 'his' fishing gone…VERY WRONG. Huge monstrous crocodile wrong T_T. Got scared by one particularly 'cruel' nagate.
5 Coiled Surprise 06-29-2012 (mentioned) Nightmare realized that there was great deal of resemblance between 'him' and Atre Cut-tah.
6 Troubles at Fiery Inn 07-03-2012 3700 5k gp Crystal of Lifekeeping Woke up in bushes …near strange inn. EHHHHH ? 50 gp for squiddies ? ~_~ That's like robbery ! Got free shhhhtufff later due to ….being nearby the right people ^_^. It had a hefty price gahhhhhhh blood everywhere ! And this time its not Ember's…. bushie bushie. Fought some nasty undead…in….a …dream ? Or not. This is too much for a while…why this world is dangerous ? >_>.
7 Downtime: Buying 07-03-2012 -5k gp Enhanced Chain Shirt to +1, Bought +Amulet of Health +2
8 The creatures outside the Dryad Inn 07-03-2012 1300 none none Got scared almost to the point of…taking nap by one particularly unruly green dragon. Sophie's again…a pillow. Antiques ? Those lizards are strange >_>.
9 Foxypotheosis (part 3&4) 09-04-2012 (Acted as an NPC) briefly appeared in the dream of Nightmare's.
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