Rick' Consultory And Adviceship


Am office located in Dragonport. It is owned by Rick Dodger and Airy. The current staff are nameless npcs. The office offer help and advice for business owner's on their ownership.


Name Type Source Bonus
Town dmg 2 0
High Risk dmg 2 -4
Cost of doing Business dmg 2 -25
Divine Insight insight SpC 15
Universal Aptitude untyped ToM 5
Guidance of the Avatar competence online 20
item of profession (mundane) circumstance custom 2
Ray of Hope moral SpC 2
Ranks phb 1
Trained phb 3
Fox Cunning phb 2
Stat Mod phb 8
Crystal Aids, Rick Aid phb 2
Take 10(fire) dmg2 26
Guild PoF 3
Specialists Aid dmg2 36 -1140gp
Rick's contacts(leadership) dmg 75
Airys helpers (turn) phb 14
Total Skill 134
Merchant Profit 9002gp


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Creation 12-09-2012 Creation.
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