Race: Advanced Human
Class: Fighter 7
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description:Ser Richard was a newly minted Knight who was stationed in Wutherton to guard the western front against bandits in the Duramere region. This did not prepare him for the onslaught of the rancid rage. The infection had struck more than half the village before they stopped the plagued barbarians at the end of the sword. Richard led a expedition to retrieve the shadowmoss for his village to cure it . But, a group of pcs consisting of Lyra, Cael,and Syrio had already acquired it and easily deflected his attempts to take it by force. Upon his return the infected villagers had already turned. By the end of it all, he was the only living being left in Wutherton, having slain his infected wife after she had killed their only daughter. He was granted a small 'mercy' when Nicodemus arrived and brought back his daughter as a intelligent undead. Then Raital arrived and took both of them away to safety, the broken insane knight and his mutilated undead daughter.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Duramere Part Three 8-15-12 Attempted to secure the shadowmoss to save his village, Lyra and company stopped him
2 Wutherton: Scouring the Blight 8-22-12 Found rather crazy cuddling his now undead daughter in the ruins of wutherton
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