Race: 'Infested' (???) Human
Class: Telepath 6
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Description: The (now)former leader of a one of the cells of the Cult of Inner Eye. His motives and agenda were rather obscured by the great wave of plots of the master of his to whom he only referred as 'the great one chained beneath the mire'.

Membership: Cult of the Inner Eye, then intimidated/mind controlled by Yagiuma and CO
Status: All over the place, literally


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Infested Necropolis... revisited (continuation) 04/06/2013 His aberrant minions were slain by the party but not without their relentless opposition. Ended up being captured and 'handed' to the undercity government.
2 Corruptive Alteration~ 04/07/2013 Was intimidated/persuaded into aiding Yagiuma on her path of corruption. Extra-convincing (like magical compulsion) was required for such due to a rather devotional sense of duty he exhibited towards his cult's overlord.
3 Webs of Vanity (part3) ~ 08-20-2013 Assisted Yagiuma in her venture.
4 Webs of vanity (part4) 08/28/2013 Assisted his 'mistress', managing to disable some undead while he was at it.
5 Webs of vanity (part5) 09/06/2013 As above, though this time against some summoned outsiders.
6 ClearingUp(after hours) 10/16/2013 Was abruptly slain, exploding into gory bits because of reasons yet to be determined.
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