Character Sheet
Player: GameGeeks
Race: Shadowtouched Clockwork Zenythri
Class: Unarmed Swordsage
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Like that of a young girl of about fourteen. Though her skin appears flawless. The only giveaway of what she actually is are her joints at places like her knees, wrists, shoulders, etc. These are round with slender slots for her to bend them. Though for the most part these are covered with clothing. Though they occasionally do peak out. The other is her shadow. It appears as a series of cogs and other mechanical parts as if you where to see her without her coverings. On her back is a large hole which takes a specially key that she uses to keep herself active. This is always covered by clothing.

Personality: She's quite fond of knocking people over the head. Despite the way she behaves she's still learning the difference between good and evil and will unwittingly consort with the latter. This has often gotten her into trouble but for what ever reason things always seem to work out for her.

Background: Five years ago she awoke to find herself covered in debris in a rundown, nearly collapsed lab that looked like it hadn't been used in a long time. Not really knowing what or who she was she stumbled out of the lab and into a small fishing village. Her appearance scared the locals since no one had entered the lab in years. A young man took pity on her and helped her leave the village. They traveled together for about a year and a half till the man was called back to the village. Knowing how the town felt about her they thought it best they part ways. During the time they spent together he told her what little he knew of the lab and the alchemist who owned it. Though it hadn't been used in over fifty years. After they parted she traveled to a library belonging to a group of wizards who where more then happy to help her find out what she was. They explained what she was though they couldn't explain her sudden activation after being dormant for so long. After about six months she had learned all she needed and left them. Shortly after she stumbled upon an old monk who was willing to teach her how to fight. Though to both their surprises they found she quickly took to and even mastered what he had to teach her. She had learned in months what took many years to learn. After a year she found it time to leave. She traveled for another nine months before stumbling upon Dragonport.


Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 7/27/13 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 7/27/13 Haramaki, Chahar-aina, Dastana, Spaulders, Masterwork Tool (Stealth) -163gp
3 'In-between' (Prologue) 7/28/13 600
4 'In-between' (Part 1) 7/30/13 800
5 'In-between' (Part 3) 8/4/13 1500/400 Wiki XP 3000
6 'In-between' (Part 3) 8/12/13 844
7 'In-between' (Part 4) 8/19/13 1840/16 Wiki XP 6000
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