Reliquary Library Card

Reliquary Library Card

Price (Item Level): 2000 gp (4th)
Body Slot: Throat
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Faint; (DC 16) evocation
Activation: -
Weight: -

This gold embossed library card holds some of the essence of The Dragon Heart.

As the repository of mystical dragon energy, a reliquary library card functions just like any holy symbol. In addition, for each of the following prerequisites that you meet, the card grants you one additional daily use of your turn or rebuke undead ability.

Each reliquary library card is crafted for followers of Melville Pewey, but any lawful priest may gain the benefits of this item.
Prerequisites: Craft Wonderous Item, Sociable Librarian, turn undead
Cost to Create: 1000gp, 1 day.

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