Red Lizard Kings


The Red Lizard Kings are a group of some 50,000 Lizard Kings that live within The Red Desert. They tend to be highly xenophobic of non-Lizardfolk and extremely prideful about the superiority of their race as well as slave holders. Most are worshippers of Semunaya with a minority favoring the demon lord Sess'Innek. They are devout and fanatical worshippers of Tiamat. They have been known to capture other races intending them for slavery, but often end up sacrificing them instead due to their impatience.




K'zzal - Priest of Semuanya and Administrator of the Serpent Colosseum
Kss'trat - Royal Flute Player
50,000 other Lizard Kings


Sakatha - Slain former Monarch of the Red Lizard Kings


Underground lightning rail station

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Altharid's Coronation 01-14-2012 A Group of adventurerers visited Ssh'Rik at the behest of Ivar Heavychain.
2 The Lizard Kings 01-17-2012 A group of adventurers returned to Ssh'Rik to complete their mission, Sirion deposed of Sakatha and became the new Pharaoh.
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