Red Kobolds

Race: Kobolds (some dragonwrought)
Class: Gunslingers, Sorcerers, Fighters
Alignment: CE

Description: Red kobolds have allied with the College of Necromancy. They seek the utter destruction of Dragonport. It is believed they worship Nerull….but Tiamat has an interest in them.

College of Necromancy


# Adventure Date Actions
1 East Injia vs the College pt 1 03-05-2012 The adventurers slew all (?) red kobolds within the tunnels under Roctrap.
2 Good Guys 4 03-12-2012 A group of red kobolds tried to sabotage project alpha in order to avenge Red Roc, unluckily for them a party of adventurers arrived and subdued/disposed of the shortly.
3 Kobold Revenge 03-14-2012 The kobolds sought revenge…again against those who killed Red Roc.
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