Race: ???
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: A being slightly similar in nature to the Nameless Fear as far as its otherworldliness is concerned… but it managed to form on the material plane, not within the 'desolate-future'. Rage and suffering-related imprints are much more prominent in its case making it act in a much more reckless manner.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The trappings of ... (???)(part3) 11-30-2012 By a coincidence or not… the being formed after Raital poured blood seeping from Terror's Delight into a dragonshard tower cracked by a blade of Tenko's while Heartripper was brought nearby, unknowingly of the outcome, by Krixdec. With the party's superior power and… fear inducing skills the anger-given-flesh was forced discorporate, its core escaping though the Gauntlet was left behind by it.
2 The trappings of ... (???)(epilogue) 12-02-2012 Milene implied that should one create enough of feedbacks related to the nature of its (that being RAGE and suffering in this case) in one place and time then… another appearance of the beast (whose soul is such desired by Raital) would be just a matter of time.
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