Rickard "Ray" Reikengard

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Player: Duralan
Race: Advanced Magic-Blooded Human
Class: Sorcerer 4 (arcane bloodline, metamagic specialist)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Rickard appears to be a quite "wild" and attractive at the same time young man of somewhat noble-alike bearing. To contrast his otherwise silverlish hair and other features he offsets it with crimson and black attires and armor elements.

Personality: A bit of a ladykiller, a bit of a chauvinist spiced with arrogance and recklessness to the point of showing off just for the sake of doing so (and possibly enhancing the other two traits). Rickard's personality shifts at times depending on the approach required to "hunt down" another prey of his which still makes him the enemy of womankind in the end.

Background: Born in Avalon to a… quite traditionally-inclined and orderly family known mostly for their utmost dedication to the principles of law - paladins and clerics of similar outlook in other words. As one might have expected Rickard did not truly find such life fitting, even less so after almost being forced to marry someone pre-selected by his overzealous parents while on the other hand having next-to no gift towards divine magic - and the enforcement of their expectations did not help in it at all, quite the opposite actually. Unknowingly to the rest he started exhibiting a quite narrow… if effective kind of arcane magic which later earned him his nickname. But lady luck smiled upon the youngster (16-year old Rickard at time) - his uncle died and left him with a quite hefty inheritance. Not having any regrets nor second thoughts he spent most of it in order to LEAVE those lands behind as fast as possible … while at the same time financing his first adventure of lifetime… yup first of such kind. Before he realized, however, he found himself almost broke after maintaining the hedonistic behavior of his for roughly… one month. From this point "Ray" was somewhat forced to hire himself as mercenary spellcaster, providing his services both for merchant ships as well as less savory gentlemen (aka pirates). During one of such expeditions he managed to "anger" one siren who subsequently cursed the ship he boarded… Long story short: after the combined nightmare of sea monsters, terrible weather and similar 'distractions' the vessel sunk during a cyclone of a magnitude rarely gracing the lands while miraculously leaving Rickard stranded on one island where some fellow "adventurers" recovered him later during certain events.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 9-09-2012 +6k 6k gp Transfered from wiki-work XP, bumped up to lvl 4 this way
2 Character Creation (buying) 10-2-2011 +5800 gp Spellshard (empower, keyed to scorching ray), Belt of Healing, Quarterstaff, Magecraft Thistledown mithral chain shirt, mastework tools (intimidate, UMD)
3 Scrolls part 6 9/8/12 1,550 - - —- Finally the lady luck is not after all that unforgiving ! Despair and madness consumed what remained of my insatiated mind and body till finally I was relieved from this exquisite *TORMENT* ! They are looking for a scroll sheesh good grief… I am here for the ladies. Cursed island -_- gotta burn' em' more.
4 placeholder placeholder placeholder placeholder placeholder
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