Far to the west of Dragonport lies a city, a city where laws of peacekeeping, physics, & magic are all have their own way of working. This city goes by the name of Ravenica

Historical records from Dragonport show that the city popped up around 180 years ago, when Dwarven explorers came across it when returning to their home in the Mithral mountains. As they were coming into the second leg of their year long journey, suddenly they bumped into this huge construction site. Most of the workers claimed to be from the main body of the Marches, but no records at the time showed of their existence.

The only thing that stood out about this massive site was the huge obsidian tower in the centre. The workers said that the Lord of the emerging city was a wizard whom had summoned the tower from one of the Abyssal planes. The Explorers requested a meeting with the Lord, but were denied.

Since then Dragonport has attempted to make trade agreements with the city, but has failed every time for unexplained reasons…


The Not So Wild West


The Phoenix Guild


The Chief


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Sharp Dressed Men (Part 2). The Ravenica Job. 09/14/13 Was entered by foreigners for the first time in 180 years.
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