character sheet
Jarl the Bear
Player: TyrannoStorm
Race: Human
Class: Druid 9
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Ranel wears a flowing emerald green cloak with a hood. His face is covered in light stubble, and his default expression is frowning. His sharp eyes focus intently on whatever holds his attention.

Personality: Ranel may seem to be selfish and materialistic, but he doesn't care for the gold he receives either, simply seeing it as a means to an end. He is dismissive of anything that doesn't hold his interest, but takes note of everything he sees or hears and will pursue what does with all of his resources. He dislikes being idle, and those who disrespect him. He is usually sarcastically insulting, but may sometimes be bluntly insulting. He genuinely likes animals and the forest, though he rarely shows it.

Background: Ranel was raised in a nomadic clan of druids, rangers, and fey. As children were taught and raised communally, he never knew his parents, though he surely met them. When he was old enough, he was apprenticed to an old druid named Morn. Morn was stern, cold, and ruthless, and forced Ranel to be the same to prevent being crushed physically or emotionally. Ranel hated Morn's teachings and held no emotional attachment to the rest of the clan, so he tried to leave soon after he turned 18. Morn stopped him, and nearly killed him for his "betrayal", but then did perhaps the kindest act of his life; he spared Ranel's life, telling him to never return. Ranel isn't planning on it.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2/15/2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -45 Studded leather armor, quarterstaff, dog-sized leather armor
3 Free For All 1 2/15/12 2448 2100 Ranel and Harley hunt some undead with a few other adventurers.
4 Downtime 2/16/12 -750 Wand of Cure Light Wounds
5 The Black Lions 2/16/12 2330 2300 Ranel fought a group of Blackguard Knights and a Wizard at The Reformer Society.
6 Downtime 2/17/12 -2050 Handy Haversack Ranel does some training and loses his ability to Quicken Spells so he can Augment Summoning. He also buys a Handy Haversack.
7 Destiny of Farris Blackclaw 2/17/12 4000 -25 Bones, Ring of Mighty Summons, full-plate armor, pike Ranel walks into a tavern where Farris Blackclaw and associates are discussing taking down the guard. Ranel takes interest, and approaches their table to speak with them. After the following conversation, an invisible assassin knocked Farris and captured him. Guards came and took everybody in for questioning, but the party was released. Ranel and co then witnessed the public arrest of Farris, and Quinn decided to rescue him. Ranel, having nothing better to do, decides to tag along as they visit an Information Office followed by a visit to the Old Dragon Hall, during which Ranel bought a focus for his divination magic. When they regrouped, Quinn told him they were going to risk their lives rescuing Farris, and a conversation ensued as to why Ranel should risk his life for this man. After learning of the Necromancer's College, Ranel agrees to help and they infiltrate the prison by dressing as guards. They interfere in Farris's torturing session and after a battle, Farris plane shifts them. Ranel is rewarded for his valor with a Ring of Mighty Summons.
8 Post-Destiny 2/18/12 0 981 Guard getup sold For both Harley's benefit and his own, Ranel finds a nice, safe family for her and gains a crocodile as his new companion.
9 Octagon 8 2/18/12 2160 -8000 Ring of the Beast Ranel's summons team up with Rina's to take down some fools in the Arena, but lose to the combined might of PHOBOS and Kamigawa.
10 Crab Battle! 2/18/12 2600 500 Ranel almost gets murdered by a pack of giant crabs, but is saved by Roku who offers him a chance to join the Dragonslayers.
11 Infested Necropolis part 4 2/20/12 2738 6800 Ranel almost gets killed by impalers underground, runs into the The Mysterious Employer.
12 Downtime 2/21/12 0 -2150 Wand of Lesser Vigor, Anklet of Translocation
13 Aberrant Treachery 2/22/12 2800 5000 Ranel kills a bunch of orcs, gaining new nemeses. He then spares the life of a benevolent fox thief, gaining a new nemesis in his employer.
14 Canine Business 2/28/12 2113 0 Ranel finds some poker playing talking dogs, then fights zombies and meets Silverpaw.
15 Syrius's Questions 3/3/12 500 Ranel strikes up a conversation with Syrius, then attempts to follow him when he joins the College.
16 Downtime -6000 House, Cloak of Elemental Protection, Wilding Clasp After seeing Syrius enter what he presumes to be an entrance into the College, Ranel moves into Dragonport to keep a closer eye on things….
17 Crab Battle 2 3/8/12 6480 7000 Hired to kill some more of Kord's crabs, things are not as they seem as they are actually Nerull's. The plot twists even further when we discover that the one behind it all was a Gnome illusionist trying to set up a sting operation for necromancers.
18 Downtime -10900 Eternal Wand (Speak with Plants) Shopping
19 East Injia vs the College Part 2 3/9/12 15963 20000 Ranel is called by Mali to enter a portal and kill Ra-men. Together with the party he encounters a ton of traps and almost dies to Nerull Aspects. They find some valuable onyx gems, but Ranel destroys his share.
20 Plomp 3/19/12 Ranel arrives just in time to see a giant ooze get destroyed. He then tries to get Soleit to do something about the College, and follows Kamigawa around to make fun of him with Ravsimedar.
21 Those Who Seek 3/23/12 500 Ranel agrees investigate the area under the Crew's Keep for Soleit.
22 Puppet Show 3/24/12 7800 5000 Ranel fights a powerful puppet wielding kid and his puppets. Kamigawa arrives at the last moment to help, and then takes the kid home.
23 The Search for the Glowy Duck 3/27/12 2700 6957 Strange glowing ring, Sylvan love novel Ranel and company fight many smartass redcap skeletons on their search for a mysterious crypt with treasure inside it. However, they must answer questions three ere the shiny gold they see. Hosted by MiniPHOBOS! Instead of treasure however, they find a glowing, singing emerald duck which sings Sylvan love songs. Hosted by Gato!
24 Blood In, Blood Out 4/2/12 3800 5536 Ranel works for Preacher to prevent condemned criminals from being rescued. After many giant bears, Ranel succeeds at this task and returns to talk to Preacher, only to find stolen Lestat money in his place. The suspicious Ranel Scries him and learns about his true nature as a member of the very gang he was hired to stop!
25 The Eye Opens 4/7/12 4400 1000 Ranel is sent for by a man named the Host to be told about his organization, The Iris. After many suspicious questions, The Host tells them about a cave with a dead merchant's fortune inside of it. Ranel investigates along with the others.
26 Disrupt the Onyx Trade 4/8/12 1150 3000 Walkie Talkie Ranel is asked by Kamigawa to lead a team of lesser adventurers to an onyx storage place and sabotage it. Ranel reluctantly agrees, and they all head off on the lightning rail. However, he soon has bigger problems when they are ambushed by robots and then almost blown up by a bomb. He manages to keep everyone in one piece as they continue to their destination.
27 Return of the Bloods 4/9/12 2970 8000 + loot Ranel and company are minding their own business at The Gibbet when an undead Mack the Knife shows up with some lackeys. Ranel and company kill Mack the Knife and his lackeys, but not before Mack mentions a Valed
28 The Vorloi Coup D'etat 4/11/12 3460 3000 Ranel helps the rest of the party escape Dragonport with a Blizzard when the Vorloi attempt to kill them, and remains in Dragonport to keep an eye on things while they flee.
29 Shopping -11000 Rod of Extend
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