Race: Wererat Nezumi
Class: Cleric 11
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Deity: Nerull
Domain: Trap (Kobold) , Trickery

Description: Born to a litter of wererat nezumi, Rakaar always strove to be first above his siblings. He eventually grew tired working for scraps in the Dragonport Slums District and journeyed far away. He eventually met a representative from the College of Necromancy, and promptly returned to his home in Dragonport to become a member of the organization.

When Hothien Featherstep and Eleniel Featherstep were forced to abandon Project Thief Suberversion , Raakar was asked by the College of Necromancy to fill in their void. As such he began to work within The Veiled Society instead, trying to implement Project Thief Subversion.

He joined his Nezumi brothers and sisters after being gone from many years and requested to join the Dragonport Thieves Guild. With so many recommendations, he was accepted into the guild. Rakaar disguised himself as a Cleric of Olidammara. After several displays of competence, Rakaar was rapidly promoted to become a tactician for the guild, plotting several heists and getaways to bring great profits.

Since taking on his new role within the Dragonport Thieves Guild, Rakaar was instrumental in planning the slayings of several of his fellow members. Due to his over-eagerness though, three separate groups of thieves in short time proximity to each other were annihilated. This aroused suspicions within the Dragonport Thieves Guild.

Eventually a group of adventurers discovered Rakaar's betrayal, Dominated him, and forced him to reveal his misdeeds. He was later executed by Deidra Darling.

Rakaar's Lair

Dragonport Thieves Guild (Former) - Tactician
The Veiled Society - Veiled Plotter
College of Necromancy (Superceded by the Veiled Society) - Undead Creator


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Blood Calls to Blood 02-29-2012 A group of adventurers discovered his betrayal he led the group to his lair with his undead allies, but was dominated and led to reveal his treachery to the Dragonport Thieves Guild.
2 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 5 08-08-2012 The necromancer was, ironically, defeated in his now-undead-state by the party within the Nexus of Souls.
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