Raital Latral
Aliases: Young Mistress (by her servants)
Apparent Age: ~10-21 depending on disguises
Actual Age: ???
Hair: Lavender
Skin: Light
Eyes: Glowing Sanguine Red
Height: 4' 3"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Race: Trueborn Cubi Princess
Class: Blutjaeger
Alignment: Chaotic Evil with a side of tsundere, yandere, and yangire.
Deity: -
Current Status: Active
Played by Rayne Kitty

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Player: Rayne Kitty
Race: Trueborn Cubi Blutjaeger
Class: Succubus 6, Ur-Priest 2, Life Drinker 5
Alignment: Chaotic Ebil
Titles: Dread Necromancer of Niflheim, Bringer of Life, Giver of Death, Your Eternal Reward

Raital appears to be a young girl.


Typically calm and relaxed, at first glance Raital seems to be a normal, albeit royally dressed girl. Despite her normally calm demeanor, Raital constantly fights with an insatiable desire for sentient life-force and blood. This insatiable craving and need is like a spike constantly hammering into the back of her mind with ever increasing virulence. Left unfulfilled for too long, her desire for life force and blood begins to consume the rest of her being, leading to eventual recession of rational thought and increasing acts of violence and predation until her unbearable hunger pangs are once again satiated for a time.

Raital's insatiable hungers are further complicated by her intense haematophilia and vorarephilia, which often cause situations to continue to escalate once first blood has been drawn, even if her hunger pangs have been otherwise satisfied by the drawing of that blood.

Raital is not without humanity however, and despite the social complications of vampirism she does enjoy good company and entertainment much as anyone else. Her humanity however is a rare gem that typically manifests shortly after freshly feeding and lasts only until the pangs of her insatiable cravings once again begin to drive her to ever-increasing acts of predation. It is because of this last vestige of humanity that Raital often later regrets the suffering that she causes; regrets which unerringly end up buried under the mounting hunger that never ceases to torment her, and her own mental detachment from her former beliefs of morality and goodness; a detachment that is her only respite in a world where the madness of guilt is only alleviated by the insanity of hunger.

Raital Latral, heiress of the Latral Royal Line, princess of Niflheim, 361st layer of the Abyss, a plane primarily inhabited by succubi and vampires.

Raital is an eternal youth; sired by her father, the Joukahainen Freyr (High Master) Kaleva, and her mother, the Jafnh√°rr Freyr (High Matron) Midna, she was born a vampire, and does not naturally grow, instead having been subjected to numerous rituals by her parents to grow into a body fit to properly fulfill her eternal station as Niflheim's eternal princess. Raital has a fraternal younger sister, Freya, who shares her fate as Niflheim's other eternal princess.

The entire Latral family are Trueborn Succubi, known as Blutjaegers. To put it in terms more common for mortals, Blutjaegers are Blood Hunters, that is to say, those upon the mortal coil commonly refer to them as 'Vampires'. Additionally, to be Trueborn, is to be conceived and born by two vampire parents, producing a Trueborn, Blutjaeger offspring. In Niflheim, only the Trueborn may be royalty, and the secret rituals and techniques to propagate them are a family-kept secrets.

It was never Raital's intention to enter the realm of Black Marches, nay, she was quite comfortable living the royal life of luxury at home; pampered by her parents, praised by her servants, truly, Raital's life was lacking in no area, and while she and her sister would never grow to adulthood, they found joy and happiness in their station regardless.

It wasn't until one fateful day, that Aegis, attempting to call a grand beast from the lower planes, instead accidentally planar summoned, and bound, Raital to the mortal coil, where she has been forced to carve out her own livelihood. Raital gradually built resources and accumulated power over the next decade, and 14 years, to the day, that she was ripped from Niflheim, she finally returned to her home, where she discovered severed Astral links, which had prevented her from returning earlier.

It is now her goal to restore the severed Astral links, reinvigorate Niflheim's Soul Wells, and to return her family to the previous glory and power that it once had.


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