Ragnora's Dream

Ragnora's Dream:

Price: -
Slot: -

Caster Level: 25
Aura: Overwhelming Transmutation
Activation: (indicate how the item is activated and what action it takes to activate it)
Weight: 900 lbs
A part of Ragnora's essence trapped in a sort of crystalline prison.
Once powered with 100 power points or equivalent amount of spell slots (see spell points variant) the minor artifact projects the area (half-mile radius) with its corruptive aura.
Generic effects: (affects only aberrations and aberrations-blooded):
- fast healing 2, +3 bonus to saves, +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls rolls, SR 5+ HD

Effects within 60ft (affects only aberrations and aberration-blooded)
- +2 profane bonus to each ability score
- +1 to CL/ML and DCs of all transmutation spells/psychometabolic powers

# Adventure Date Events
1 Quintessential Essence 06-25-2012 Acquired by Aegis after battling through the Kython Hive and impressing the Warden in an unexpected manner.
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