Race: Elder Evil
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: One of the numerous cosmic entities which accumulated enough power to be ranked as an "Elder Evil".

Related items of importance:
Ragnora's Dream


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Ragnora's Seeds 5/8/12 Created Aegis and many other spawn in order to set the stage for her return.
2 Quintessential Essence 06-25-2012 Mentioned few times, Aegis found a port of her trapped essence deep within the Kython Hive. Was the source of the Warden's monstrous form.
3 Important Destinies Part 2 07-11-2012 Spoke directly to Aegis, revealing her disappointment in Aegis's corruption in adopting Prime Material beliefs and suppositions and reiterated Aegis's need to make the way for Ragnora
4 Fulfilling...Oozey Business (>_>) 07-20-2012 Through the eyes of Ragnora, Aegis delves into events of the past so that she may ascertain her thoughts, she sought knowledge of her 'mother's' plans and ideas
5 Bloodiness... unveiled 08-19-2012 It appears that Aegis' key to (in the long run) damaging one divine being lies within her otherworldly heritage, at least according to the Bloodhaired One. To do so, however, she would need to repair her core… only achievable through the process involving the use of one of her fellow spawns it seems. Of course the whole idea was formed within the city of doors and later removed from memory of the ooze in order to avoid the Reaper's divine senses.
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