Radiance Bookheart

Race: human
Class: Cloistered Cleric 5/Sovereign Speaker 10/Church Inquistor 5
Alignment: NG

Description: Radiance is the elder sister of Glory Bookheart. She is outcast from her clan due to her love for the ex-pirate Griswol. The Bookhearts cannot allow the mixing of unplanned bloodlines.

She and Griswol have a daughter, Roku, a planeswalker. Roku has abandoned her parents for reasons of honor. Roku's hatred of dragons is directly related to this slight.(dragon blood is most prized by the clan)

Bookheart Clan-outcast


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Good Guys 1 01-30-2012 Lorane and Edark tried to convince her to allow Griswol move back to Dragonport, however Radiance was reluctant to do so because of the dangers she was not eager to describe in more detail, when questioned about those she pointed the party to the Mausoleum of Light. After the heroes return she finally agreed to grant her husband his wish.
2 Good Guys 2 02-06-2012 The party consulted with her their recent discoveries from the Mausoleum of Light.
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