Race: Dry Lich Asherati
Class: Cleric 3/ Walker in the Waste 10 / Wizard 1 / Mystic Theurge 16
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Ra-men is was an ancient creature whose lifetime has spanned thousands of years. Born into the clergy of The Lost City, he quickly rose up in ranks to become Head Priest of the Asherati Triune. Jealous of the admiration and love shown toward the Pharaoh, he abandoned his faith for the worship of Nerull, the terrible god of death and murder, promising him power and rulership far beyond his current state. Ra-men soon learned that

With his new abilities, Ra-men plundered the ancient tombs of the Asherati, using their corpses for his new army and their gold to equip his troops. Allying himself with the Red Lizard Kings, the armies of the Pharaoh moved to intercept an opposing army of Lizard Kings. With the Asherati's main forces engaged in battle, the remaining skeleton guard was hopeless against the undead hordes. Ra-men quickly deposed of the former royalty and any remaining loyalists.

Ra-men consolidated his position for a number of years as the new Pharaoh of the Asherati, but grew bored with menial rulership. Eventually he decided to try to summon the enigmatic Zargon to serve under him to rule the city in Ra-men's absence due to his profound psionic capabilities. However, Ra-men underestimated the power of the Elder Evil, and found himself unable to control or defeat him due to the Elder Evil's complete immunity to divine magic and extreme regenerative capabilities. Turning a loss into a small gain, Ra-men bargained with the Elder Evil. In exchange for formal control of the Lost City, Ra-men would gain a piece of the Essence of Zargon as well as a few other secrets which he would utilize in his later plots.

Eventually Ra-men came into conflict with the Lightbringer and his band of companions and was apparently destroyed. However, this is far from the truth.

Ra-men has been plotting for thousands of years. He is believed to have a hand in many secret organizations including the College of Necromancy, The Veiled Society, and the Lestat. Who knows what personages he has planned from birth to serve his aims or what the final aim of his quests truly entail?

College of Necromancy - Chosen of Nerull, defeated by heroes now known as the 'Slayers of Ra-Men'

Vlaakith, the Lich Queen (?)
Unseelie Court
The Veiled Society
Red Kobolds


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Veiled Society part 5 12-28-2011 Spoke through an undead servant to a group of adventurers beneath the Dragonport Graveyard. Warned them that their interferences would not be tolerated for long.
2 Altharid's Coronation 01-14-2012 Spoke through and undead servant after Altharid's cornation, warning the attendees that this was merely a temporary victory.
3 Blood Calls to Blood 02-29-2012 Referenced by Syrius's parents, Hothien Featherstep and Eleniel Featherstep, as their leader and the leader of The College of Necromancy.
4 East Injia vs the College pt 1 03-05-2012 Appeared (undetected) after the party spearheaded through aspects of Nerull. Rebuked and sub-sequentially gained control of Ziare and Phobos.
5 East Injia vs the College pt 2 03-09-2012 Had a brief conversation with Sirius and the unliving members of the team after they got separated from the rest.
6 Pseudo Good-Guys 04-07-2012 Saved (either himself or via proxy) Kaleem Vorloi when the team was about to capture him.
7 A Cleric Apart 06-08-2012 Made a plan to collect holy symbols, but failed thanks to the efforts of Tom and Fulker.
8 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 07-07-2012 Appeared in person after the Crew's forces defeated the Vorloi ones, unleashed epic magics which made great use of the fallen warriors of both sides, creating a sort of unique semi-corporeal winged force which was supposedly sent to Io's Blood Isles in order to deal with the 'pesky' dragons. Openly revealed Syrius' "allegiance" to the other party members. Declared the end to the use of vassals, proxies and similar the reign of the dead is about to begin (?).
9 Phylacteries Phall Part 3 07-12-2012 Disguised himself as Sheldon, but was thwarted by Jingles.
10 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 08-04-2012 His proxy taunted the party before unleashing a formidable platoon of "Ra-Minions" at them. Baltasar Malich both sniped down and recovered the remains of it, in hope of finding something…
11 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 08-05-2012 Opened up a great portal to the Nexus of Souls after what looked as defeat of his Ra-minions but not before taunting the party again and claiming that the number of draconic souls he acquired would be enough for his 'ascension'.
12 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 13 08/17/2012 The heroes face the dreadful lich for the very 'first time. Their recklessness is punished swiftly and if not for the continuum expertise of some party members they would find certain doom at the undead overlord's bony hands… his epic spellcasting prowess' to be precise.
13 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 14 08/18/2012 Following the analysis of his abilities performed 'after' rewinding the time itself the heroes managed to come up with a strategy that ultimately resulted in the lich's DEFEAT ! Even then he proved to be a relentless opponent in spite of being heavily outnumbered. The villain failed to rejuvenate thanks to a timely use of the Orrery of Light (curing Tad Martin from his 'living phylactery state') however Arashi Taikou sacrificed her existence via the means of utterly unnaming her very existence being another 'living' phylactery. The spectre-alike remains of his sustained themselves long enough to witness Nerull himself appearing in the Nexus of Souls, 'rewarding him' for being the most potent servant of his so far.
14 The "Nexus of Souls" (part 2) 09-11-2012 A 'cute' version of the vile one was defeated in Gatogpark by the 'party'. Kimonto acquired the "lich's" skull which still issues threats of immediate doom though the ditzy kitsugate dismisses it as a voice in her head in spite of having unintentionally stored it in her bag.
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