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Player: MjhX
Race: Phoenix
Class: Phoenix 8
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: A stereotypical-looking mostly-mature phoenix. Not much more to be said.
Personality: He likes eating anything edible he finds.
Background: At the moment, everything about this creature is a mystery. He might be an orphan, as he was found by himself and followed the first adventuring party he saw. Now he wanders around at random, hoping to grow a little.
Membership: The Fighting 54th

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 1-31-2013 200 GP
2 Character Creation (buying) Backpack (Small) 0.5 GP Phoenixes don't exactly need much.
3 Nethack 2-01-2013 500 XP Joined a random group (the party).
4 Omnerubesk Battle Grounds 2-07-2013 1000 XP, Level 2 1000 GP Came back fron the brink.
5 Ephemeral Chaos 2-11-2013 Got his first dose of local weirdness.
6 Cleaning a God's Mess 2-12-2013 1920 XP, Level 3 Cleaned and ate off the floor for a few hours, then ran into problems during an arranged fight.
7 Radu and Da Cheaters 2-14-2013 720 XP Did this game really happen? I'll think about it later…..maybe. Or I probably won't.
8 Kobold Den Infestation Part 1 2-25-2013 1200 XP 31.42 GP Mmm…roasted kobold…
9 Wiki XP 2-25-2013 700 XP, Level 4 Been a while since I used that wikiwork.
10 Kobold Den Infestation Part 2 2-25-2013 1500 XP 1331.83 GP Caught a kobold before he could escape.
11 More Kobolds Part 1 2-28-2013 1250 XP Helped Shak with some battlefield control.
12 Nature of My Game Part 1 3-01-2013 2800 XP, Level 5 1200 GP Got impatient a few times.
13 Error Fix 3-06-2013 I remembered the phoenix is a PF race, and doesn't get an extra +2 to one ability score. Sorry about that.
14 More Kobolds Part 2 3-06-2013 1200 XP Tried to keep up with the kobolds, but couldn't.
15 The Nature of My Game part 2 3-08-2013 2000 XP 970 GP Helped retrieve something for Quickdraw.
16 March of the Blood Dame Part 2 3-11-2013 3200 XP, Level 6 9728.25 GP Bird-haters attack a town, and the plot thickens.
17 March of the Blood Dame Part 2 3-14-2013 1550 XP 314 GP Got to listen to a ghost, which brought him peace.
18 Sparring 3-15-2013 200 XP Lost a spar, I don't even care.
19 Random Encounter? 3-15-2013 2550 XP Managed to hit someone ONCE, then had to run away because he was almost dead.
20 Wiki XP 3-16-2013 950 XP, Level 7 Spent wiki XP to reach the next level.
21 Downtime 3-18-2013 11900 GP Ordered some defensive enhancements from Crafter.
22 Downtime 3-23-2013 Amulet of Natural Armor +2, Bracers of Armor +3 Picked up his stuff.
23 Primary Kobold Den Located Part 2 3-25-2013 Gotta love at-will healing.
24 Wight Town Part B 4-14-2013 2900 XP 7500 GP Got swarmed by wights.
25 Downtime 7-08-2013 Backpack Backpack S, 1 GP Got a larger backpack.
26 The Djinn's Labyrinth 7-15-2013 1500 XP 2000 GP Was one of the frontliners this time.
27 The Djinn's Labyrinth Part 2 7-16-2013 2000 XP 2000 GP Was one of the frontliners again, and managed to land four hits in a row at one point.
28 The Djinn's Labyrinth Part 3 7-21-2013 6000 XP, Level 8 5000 GP Took the brunt of the hydra's fury, but…FREEDOM! :D
29 Proxy Dream Wars 12-06-2013 4800 XP 10000 GP Let down his guard in terms of genre savvy. Also still can't hit other PCs for crap.
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