Quangjian Zhi
Character Sheet: Link
Player: Ruduen
Race: Kitsune
Class: Eldritch Godling 1
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Quangjiang is a tall, muscular red fox with a pattern of white fur on his muzzle and his chest and body. He has a single (slightly short) tail, and usually wears little else besides a pair of simple pants and a bag slung over his shoulder.

Quangjiang is rather singleminded, but gets along with most people. He's primarily interested in any type of strength, physical or magical, and will speak up if he blieves there's someone who possesses it.

Quangjiang is not sure of the exact source of his birth. He knows he was born with his body and his abilities as is, but is not sure of his exact birth nature. He suspects that he was born due to a large amount of magic being used in a specific way, and suspects that his physical form has something to do with that. Beyond that, he is not sure of what to do besides travel, and is looking for anyplace that will take him, and that will help him develop his physical and magical abilities.

Membership: None

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