Race: Living Hostile Fusion Sentry Ooze
Class: None
Alignment: Neutral

Description: In spite of having no ill intentions… a single one of those can wreck havoc to whole cities if not…** dramatic pause ** worlds !


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Pwompy Terror 03-18-2012 Incited chaos with its…'casual' plomping into random passerbys … and merging with them in the process. Became an amalgam of ~ 100 creatures (including Brogan… and a random snail) before finally the effect ended. Chatted briefly with Mali who shared her vast lingual repository of knowledge via magic. Captured by Ravsimedar's stone shaping-ability and handed to Zirgoyv who rewarded the party for acquiring such valuable specimen.
2 Tabernacle Plomps 04-16-2012 For reasons unknown the living power of this variety visited Tabernacle Tavern
3 Those Who Seek (part 4) 04-15-2012 Another living power of this variety was … found in the Seeker Base after some sort of fragile storage was damaged by the earthquake caused by **THAT CRAB'S** destruction. The other living spells followed it …in a way. Arashi Taikou found it too adorable not to mess with. Her tricks granted the ooze was granted (temporarily) sentience and the ability to understand her superior silver-tongueness which led to it agreeing to fuse with her. Such resulted in creation of a being cute enough to make Kamigawa almost faint from blood-lose (via nosebleeds). Later Nightmare joined the amalgam just for the heck of it.
4 Pwomp and Circumstance 05-15-2012 Once again…for some obscure reasons the living power of this variety visited Tabernacle Tavern… and had its very-own…birthday party…(>_<).
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