Description: An adamantine, simple yet elegant, jet-black longsword found by Nightmare shortly after her transformation. It appears that the weapon has some significance…the details of which are yet to be determined.

Current Powers:
+1 Starmetal Stunning Surge Whirling Longsword
Acts as a Reliquary Holy Symbol
Allows greater turning x1 day
Can 'dance' after being affected with Holy Sword or Divine Power

Ego Score: 25

Presences within:


"Blood I desired, purpose been given"


# Adventure Date Events
1 Possibility, probability...destiny ? Part 2 03-12-2012 Recovered by Nightmare who was, for reasons unknown, the only one capable of removing it from the crystalline cave.
2 Pwompy Terror 03-18-2012 According to Hitomi a shard of the essence of Amaterasu's father dwelled inside the armament but at the same time the kitsune was unable to determine more and asked Nightmare to seek the wisdom of Master Gilgamesh .
3 Those who seek (part 3) 04-12-2012 Was partially awakened from its dormant state after coming into the vicinity of a terrifying entity's. Reacted strangely when brought near The Pharaoh and his 'jester'
4 Destined meeting 04-16-2012 According to Shiro his existence was made possible because of both the blade's power… and Nightmare's random act within the Seeker Base… long before the so-called 'Blood-stained Age'. The kitsune discorporated and merged with the blade from which he came into being. The blade reacted strangely to Amaterasu while she was focusing her power in order to bestow her blessings.
5 Echoes from Beyond 04-22-2012 Nightmare was drawn into the blade's dreamscape where it met another presence dwelling within.
6 Those who seek (part 5) 04-22-2012 Was drawn for the first time and used to try to stop a massive hand of Void's. However it only angered it and made it mentioned that is casted it away before unleashing its reality-defying power.
7 Ire of mine, purpose of yours 05-06-2012 Changed its appearance… after Cause was subdued.
8 The Tears from Beyond 05-28-2012 Mentioned in cryptic manner by the Tear. Nightmare recalled one of its secret powers in a flashback.
9 Fox-Fired 06-12-2012 Was reforged with a…rite of sorts.
10 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 4 06-27-2012 Mentioned once by the Unified Phoenix who asked Nightmare to keep it for it would be needed for the…'cataclysm'.
11 Important Destinies, Side-plots 08-03-2012 According to Cause the armament is yet to achieve its full potential.
12 Foxypotheosis (part 1&2) 09-03-2012 Employed by Nightmare during her confrontation with the First Nogitsune.
13 There's ... a forge in my belly ?! 09/27/2013 Found inside the… Kimonto's belly sort of demi-plane, it's personality ('Cause') awakened soon after. The blade was apparently hidden there by Yume.
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