One of the most massive water-elemental bound ships to be ever constructed within Doomcape shipyards. Currently employed by Kriegov Streingauss of the Ergothian Empire.
The ship was abducted by Mathias Blizzaia and other Abyss-cultists and brought to their name-sake-plane through an enormous portal.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Excavation (part2) 12-07-2012 The game's setting. Krixdec realized that the ship bears a striking resemblance to Maximus. Later, during the party's meeting with Kriegov Streingauss, an assassination attempt of the official almost succeeded. The team was (and is) currently chased through the titan of a vessel by Mathias Blizzaia himself.
2 Excavation (part3) 12-10-2012 The game's setting. The team realized that the ship was ALSO under attack of a substantial force of sahuagin pirates. The party reached the 'evacuation' deck though new complications ensured.
3 Excavation (part4) 12-14-2012 The game's setting. The team managed to reach the submarine-life raft at the very end while escaping the deadly axes of Mathias Blizzaia's.
4 Excavation (epilogue) 12-17-2012 The vessel was spotted, sailing right into a giant portal leadening to the Abyss blazing on the horizon while the party was struggling to leave the supernatural confines of the Dark Remnant I.
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