Probability Space Hypervessel

Probability Space Hypervessel


Motivated by the recent events the necessity of a enhanced sailing method appeared. with that in mind Airy and Rick pulled efforts into building a exploring vessel capable of transverssing most perils.
Its the ars Magna of the World Connecting Seafare

Description: An fairly large astral vessel with trasparent exterior walls and a woden interior, at first glance the ship looks rather odd. The comanding area is located at the front area and ship is voice comanded, on the back area there is a big bathtube, dont ask why.

The vessel can move 10miles per hour or 90 feets per round into any direction, be it onto the air, land, underground, underwater or even under lava or into another plane.
The vessel is capable of provindidng food and water permanetely for a 10 people crew, emergency teleportation devices can teleport the crew up to up 7000 miles away as the teleportation spell.The ship is lighter then air and will slowly fall if deativated. The ships boolsters can be reversed as weapon dealing 12d8 fire damage in a cone.


# Adventure Date Events
1 Creation 29-01-2013 -
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