Race: Anthropomorphic Pigman
Class: Rogue 6/Merchant Lord 5/Exemplar 2
Alignment: N

Description: Porkins is a Pigman who wears a business suit. He is well versed in running a business and has recently moved to Dragonport to start a tea shop. He is rumored to be a member of Lestat



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Tea timer 11-15-2011 Met the party at his business in the noble district.
2 Dragon Slayers Anonymous 11-18-2011 tried to purchase the water dragon inn from Griswol for 75000gp
3 Dragon Slayer Operations 11-25-2011 Purchased the water dragon inn from Griswol and fired the staff
4 Infested Necropolis part 3 01-08-2012 Mali visited his tea house. The pig-man directed her to Old Dragon Hall.
5 The crew's meeting no 1 03-18-2012 Sought a credit on good terms for his Rokugan-related business venture. The issue was approved.
6 Find the Crew! 4-14-2011 Revealed to be in Nexus.
2 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 7/4/12 Together with The Crew, The Champions of Io and a general conglomeration of armies, he fought to take back dragonport
2 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 7/7/12 Bribed, together with Gillam Deal the remaining Vorloi into his servitude. Succeeded in the battle but ultimately lost Dragonport once again even with the celebrations.
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