Poker Dogs

Race: awakened riding dogs
Class: ???
Alignment: N

Description: The Poker dogs are a group of poker playing dogs started by Quinn. After Kamigawa slapped down their leader in combat, the dogs chose to follow Quinn's blinky form. They now roam the street looking for Quinn and are thinking about opening a casino.


# Adventure Date Actions
2 Canine Business 02-28-2012 The dogs are "rescued" from their "vile master" by Quinn.
2 Good guys 4 03-12-2012 Gave Umbra a pearl of speech so they could understand her.
3 Pseudo Good Guys 04-07-2012 Brie Longfoot told Mike that Dragonport's animal control was looking for the Poker Dogs.
4 Phylacteries Phall Part 3 7-12-2012 Umbra became their new leader, and they helped the party retrieve the contents of Vault 72.
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